Episode 82: [Motivation] Finding Focus with Jason and Pili Yarusi

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Jason and Pili have two beautiful children, two awesome bulldogs, one flipping and wholesaling business, a Multifamily Acquisition company, a Beer Company, and are the hosts of the REI Foundation Podcast.

Having met in New York, Jason and Pili got into real estate investing shortly after hurricane Sandy struck the east coast. Jason’s family construction business had to help homeowners lift their houses to meet the new FEMA requirements because of the massive amount of flooding. Before the hurricane, Jason’s family business would do maybe 12 lifts a year. After the hurricane, the numbers skyrocketed to nearly 400 in a single year to avoid future flooding.

Because of his background with houses and construction, Jason and Pili made the choice to move into real estate investing! When they were expecting their first child, Jason’s dad asked if he and Pili would be interested in becoming real estate agents to work in their investing business. When a lot of businesses were getting overwhelmed in the east coast, Jason and Pili found a great opportunity and took it.

After the move from construction to real estate investing, Jason and Pili focused on finding as many deals as they could to help people dealing with stressful situation regarding their houses. Once they started buying these houses so that they were putting time and work into a product they would turn around and sell, their business took off.

Aside from already knowing the business, the best thing that kept Jason and Pili motivated was believing they would be successful. One of Pili’s favorite quotes is:

All of a sudden we believed we could do it.

“There’s so much power in those words. Just believing you can do it is 80% of getting something done.”

Where do you find your deals?

Jason and Pili get a good amount of deals hunting the MLS. A property they just recently got from the MLS had an original ARV of the house was in the 700’s, but with an end buyer in the West Field area, Jason and Pili are marketing the house in the 800’s. There’s a lot of commitment involved, but the payoff will be worth the risk.

As far as their business goes, it sound like Jason and Pili are doing a great job! We appreciate them coming on the Flipping Junkie Podcast, it’s always great to get advice from successful real estate investors.

Don’t forget to check the links at the bottom of the show notes for a link to their podcast, REI Foundation Podcast!



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