Episode 18: [Foundation] 5 Steps To Setting and Actually Achieving Goals w/Marcus Maloney

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Show Notes

Marcus E. Maloney is a Real Estate Investment Strategist that has an eye for real estate oriented solutions. As the Founder and Principle of 3rd Generation Mgmt & Holding LLC, the firm has done and assisted with an innumerable amount of real estate transactions. Marcus holds a Master of Business Administration; which provides him a proper knowledge and understanding of business applications and practices. As a philanthropic effort Mr. Maloney also has assisted with the development of State licensed facilities that acquire property for transitioning youth.

Marcus’s childhood was a lot like mine in that we both did demo on rehabs as children. His parents were fixing and flipping and my dad was working as a contractor for real estate investors. We both learned how hard that kind of work was and that may be one of the reasons we both decided to aim bigger.

This episode covers a very important step in your path to becoming a successful real estate investor.

Marcus’s first goals when he was getting serious about real estate investing revolved around building the right connections. He hustled and hustled and stayed persistent. He talked to a lot of people and built lasting relationships where he was able to provide value and gain education.

This isn’t just for new investors. This is for anybody, at any stage in their life. There is always something to be learned and the best way to learn it is from someone already doing it.

Marcus talked about some of his goals for 2016 which include:

Writing his first Ebook about birddogging
Increase his deal conversion rate to closing 1 deal per 25 leads
Writing 26 blog articles
Giving away more money than he did last year

Here are the steps Marcus outlined and went into detail on during the interview:

1. Define Purpose – Who you are. What you are trying to do.
2. Visualize and Confess – Visualize yourself the way you want to be with regards to Spiritual goals, physical goals, family goals, community goals and business goals.
3. Association – Find someone that is doing what you want to do or being the way you want to be and ask them for help so that you can do what they did
4. Strategize – Determine your results for the end of the year and reverse engineer your goals so that you can get specific in what you need to do this week to get started
5. Take Action – Goals are worthless without action. If you don’t have your “why” figured out correctly, you won’t last outside of your comfort zone, which is where you need to be if you are to grow. Welcome embarrassment. Challenge your fears.

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