Episode 22: [Foundation] How to figure out what you’re good and bad at w/Nathan Brooks

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Show Notes

Nathan Brooks is a dad, husband, worship leader, and real estate investor in Kansas City. He’s also a foodie, coffee addict and Crossfit junkie. He’s a real deal real estate investor that did about 60 deals last year and plans to do even more this year.

On today’s episode we talk about how to quickly realize what you’re good at and should focus on, and what you’re not so good at and shouldn’t be doing.
Nathan mentions that if there is a pile of papers on your desk, that’s a pretty good way to figure out what you don’t like doing…

A great piece of advice for hiring people to do tasks for you that won’t require a full-time position is to hire friends, family, neighbors, etc to work with you part-time. It’s a great way to spend time with people that you don’t get to see too often and get things off your plate.

We also talk about how being able to explain the exact processes you use in your work to other people helps you to clarify exactly what you exactly do, and improves the processes because you realize things that you wouldn’t if you just continued to mindlessly do the tasks.

An unexpected turn for the podcast was also a powerful realization. Forgiveness is a big deal in the health of organizations. As you start to work with more and more people, it’s very important to be open to forgiveness so that you can work through issues and improve the processes along the way.

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