Episode 4: Building Systems To Flip Over 500 Houses w/Justin Williams

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Show Notes

Justin Williams has been a full-time investor for over 8 years.

He’s flipped over 500 houses.

He considers himself a house flipping machinist. What he means by that is that he is all about building systems so that he could scale quickly and do more with his time.

Keys Points From This Episode
Here’s what you will learn in this episode:

  • How he won a car for a house flipping challenge from his mentor but never received it
  • How Justin doesn’t stress about those things and just focuses on the future and the fact that he learned how to make so much more money flipping houses that the car didn’t matter
  • How Justin was in a really tough spot when the economy changed and found the opportunities out of the adversity and ended up doing better than ever before
  • The question to ask yourself every time you do something during the day
  • Why it’s wrong to think you can do everything better than someone you could hire to do it
  • How he found the person that basically runs his house flipping business
  • What he’s noticed from the people that he coaches that succeed that is the reason for their success

I was busy doing most of the work in my flipping business and had a talk on the phone with Justin.

His excitement and approach to flipping through systems really inspired me, so much so that I asked if he’d mind if I flew to California to hang out with him for a day to learn more. This was out of the blue, mind you and he still accepted.

I immediately booked a flight and spent a day of crash course learning from him.

It actually surprised me when I got there and he asked what I wanted to do. I just wanted to talk with him all day and hang out. But, with the question asked about what I wanted to do, I just said, “Let’s go check out one of your rehabs”.

He was driving and he looked over at me and said, “well, I haven’t personally been to one of my own rehabs for months (may have been over a year).”

He had built up his systems to such a point that he had people doing all of that busy work for him.

That way he could always focus on the bigger picture.

This goes against what most house flippers do.

Justin runs his business like an actual business.

Justin recommends you ask yourself the question, “how can I get someone else to do this” any time you work on something during each day.

An awesome tip I got from Justin is that when someone that works with you has a problem, they have to call with a solution to the problem. They cannot call just stating there’s a problem. They have to have a solution to recommend first.

This teaches them to learn how to come up with solutions and not always rely on you.

When first hiring someone, start them out part time so that you aren’t always struggling to find them stuff to do. Build it up over time.

Listen to the episode to find out how he found and hired the person that basically runs his entire house flipping business now. We go into detail about what qualities and experience they had when interviewing and then how he taught and trained her. We even talk about how compensation was handled over time.

I struggle with feeling that I have to do some of the things in this business, like meeting with sellers and making offers.

He asks me in the interview, “Do you like spending time with your family more than closing sellers?” Just think about that. Always focus on what’s most important and have other people do the other things. Powerful.

Over all, this is one of the most information packed episodes ever on the podcast.

Just Williams is a good friend and I recommend anything and everything he puts out there.

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5 awesome responses to “Episode 4: Building Systems To Flip Over 500 Houses w/Justin Williams”

  1. Cliff on

    Excellent. Thanks Danny:)

  2. Michael Rogers on

    Danny – Wow! What a great podcast.

    Justin’s story is inspirational. I have got to start outsourcing more of my common tasks and hire someone to do my mailers, marketing, bookkeeping, etc. I have the same hesitations that you have. I tend to be a micromanager and fear letting someone else do these tasks for me as I don’t think they will do tasks as well as me since no one cares as much about my business I do.

    So have you implemented any new systems or outsourced any more tasks since you talked to Justin?