Episode 40: [Marketing] 11 Actionable Tips For Marketing Yourself to Find Incredible Deals w/Nick Baldo

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Nick Baldo

Show Notes

Nick Baldo started investing in real estate in 2011 with a focus on flipping houses in the Buffalo, NY area. He has since expanded his business to focus on value-added rental investments. Nick created and manages the real estate educational site, Income Digs to help aspiring real estate investors get started. He has a focus on leveraging technology to create an investment business that is both efficient and scalable.

Overview of Pain

  • It’s hard to find good deals
  • Not really sure where to start
  • New Investors are shy

Overview of Strategy:

  • Tell everyone what you do
  • You never know where good deals can come from
  • The more interactions you have, the more you are working in the industry, the more that will come to you

11 Actionable Tips for getting yourself out there and finding deals

  1. Tell your friends
  1. Facebook
  2. Email blast
  3. Social Media bio
  1. Set up brand
  1. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars
  2. You want people to see your brand and ask more questions
  3. Simple business cards, shirt, signs
  1. REI Meetings/ Investor meetups
  2. Meet the neighbors
  1. Neighbors get excited about flips
  2. They often have people in their lives who need to sell quickly
  3. They see that flipping is not “as scary as it seems on TV”
  1. Reach out to other landlords/ property managers in the areas where you have rentals
  1. They might not know that they want to sell
  1. Real Estate Agents
  1. You should probably have one (or more) agent looking for properties for you.
  2. Agents have pocket listings and access to info you don’t have.
  1. Be Hands on
  1. Even if you’re not doing the rehab, be on the job site. You want to be there if and when people come up and ask what is going on with the house.
  1. Use sort of tracking mechanism
  1. I personally use Podio…but if you are just starting, a simple spreadsheet will do
  2. Some people like to see tangible leads.
  1. Wholesalers
  1. Building inspector
  2. Mayor
  1. Professionals
  1. Attorneys
  2. Accountants
  3. Bankers
  1. Don’t be afraid to ask
  1. Driving by…have a hunch about about a house? Doesn’t hurt to start the conversation.

“Bonus” – Even if it’s not a deal you find, a solid consolation prize is finding a private lender

  • Personal Story: Rehabbing a rental. Owner of another rental approached about the purchase of two of his. Very good price, held the note. Slam dunk deal!

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