Episode 56: [Marketing] Online Lead Generation Part 2: Website Promotion

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This is the second of four episodes where Danny Johnson of Flipping Junkie and LeadPropeller discuss generating motivated seller leads online for real estate investors.

In this episode the focus is mainly on generating traffic to your website. So, let’s get going and talk about how to promote your website to start generating leads right away without waiting for your site to rank at the top of the search engines…which can take up to a year with diligent effort.  We’ll talk about that and SEO a lot more in a couple weeks on the 4th podcast episode in this subseries.

Don’t Expect: ‘Build it and they will come’

The internet isn’t the field of dreams.

Just building a website doesn’t do anything for you unless people know about it.  They either find out about it through promotion: which is what we are talking about today or through finding it online themselves: which is what we are covering in the next 2 episodes.

The biggest mistake real estate investors make with a website is getting a website and then doing nothing to promote it.   

Promotion does require some work, but the results can land you great deals that generate tens of thousands of dollars.  

Whenever I hear someone say, “I haven’t received a single lead from my website”, it’s almost always because they never promoted it or didn’t promote it long enough.  It’s the equivalent of complaining you didn’t get a deal from your direct mail campaign after you send out 500 postcards one time.

You Need a Plan

Just as you plan your direct mail with who you are mailing, when and how often and which letters, you need to have a plan to constantly promote your website.  You wouldn’t print 1,000 letters and never mail them, so don’t build a website and not promote it.

The ideas I give you today will allow you to create your website promotion plan.

Be sure to listen to next week’s podcast where Danny will share with you how to generate the best motivated seller leads using pay per click (Google Adwords) marketing.

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3 awesome responses to “Episode 56: [Marketing] Online Lead Generation Part 2: Website Promotion”

  1. Pilot Bob on

    Hi Danny,
    Friggin’ AWESOME podcast. Sooo… much good info. You are the MASTER at giving ALL the details needed to succeed. Thanks.

    Now… a couple of questions/challenges:
    1) Posting on CL in non-service categories.
    You suggested posting ads in non-service areas such as Real Estate Wanted, Housing Wanted, Real Estate For Sale or Jobs/Skilled Trade. That seems to go against CL’s rules.
    “craigslist accepts ads for services ONLY under “services offered.”
    You are welcome to advertise your services there.
    Ads for related services are NOT allowed in the “for sale” and “housing” categories.
    Services ads submitted to categories outside of “services offered” are subject to removal and other remedial measures.”

    2) From the community: “Craigslist ads are designed to stand alone- not links to your site, not “call for info”, but enough to detail the item and provide the reader with an idea if the item fits their needs.”

    Is this why you have a detailed description in the ad. So it’s not just a pointer to the website?

    3) Text over images
    I couldn’t find a reference to this quickly, but I thought that having your phone number or website over an image was a prohibited item. (kinda related to #2 above)

    I can’t wait to get to podcast 57!