Episode 70: [Day In The Life] Are You a Flip Pilot

Danny Johnson / 2 comments

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This this vlog, Danny talks about the idea of being the pilot of your flipping business instead of someone working on the ground.Don’t forget, all of the vlog episodes (and more) are available on the FlippingJunkie YouTube channel at http://youtube.com/FlippingJunkie

Here’s today’s episode:


Are you working in your business or on your business? That might sound like a small difference, but it’s more important than you’d think. If you started your business from the ground up (like most real estate investors have) then you’re the boss. And being the boss means you can’t be spending your time running around within your business. You need to be taking care of things from above – working on your business.

That’s where the idea of being a Flip Pilot comes in. You need to be able to see your business from 30,000 feet up to be able to take it to the places you want to go. So focusing on managing your business means that you’re going to have to give up some of the hands on work to take on the bigger issues.

Let’s break it down. If you’re working in your business, you have to wear a lot of hats. You have to be the marketer, and the hiring manager, and the sales guy, and the foreman, and the legal team, and the boss. It’s too much. If you’re spread too thin then you aren’t replenishing your inventory fat enough to continue to make money.

Take Danny’s example. When he and Melissa were spread too thin, they would focus all of their energy on one property at a time. Which worked, for a little while. But once that property was finished, there was nothing left on deck. So then the marketing had to start all over with nothing generating money in the meantime.

Basically what we’re getting at is, are you switching hats too much in your business or are you taking charge? Be a Flip Pilot, not the ground crew! Let us know what you think in the comments 🙂Stay tuned and be sure to subscribe to the FlippingJunkie Youtube channel: http://youtube.com/flippingjunkie


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2 awesome responses to “Episode 70: [Day In The Life] Are You a Flip Pilot”

  1. Cody on

    Danny, I just wanted to give you a shout out and let you know how much I appreciate the value you and Melissa bring. I’m not sure if you are fully aware of how much gold you dropped during this episode! Not nuggets, bricks! Hearing about how you guys started and where you are at now in the business is really inspiring to my wife and I as we are starting out. We are wearing all the hats now, but are bound to be Flip Pilots!!!