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222: Waiting Too Long To Hire

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Learn why we wait too long to hire and what ramifications that procrastination has.

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Danny shares with us how he’s always waited too long to hire.  If you are feeling pulled in a thousand different directions and have to be the one to make a thousands decisions every day, you’re going to feel overwhelmed and burned out.  You are going to make decisions quickly, without weighing the facts.  You’re going to get frustrated.  That frustration will likely cause problems because it will come out sideways after being buried for a long time.

How do we avoid this?  First, we need to realize that we cannot do it all ourselves.

We need help.

We need to hire people to take some work off our plates.  Who should we hire and when? What work should be hired out?

This episode covers the answers to those questions by:

  1. determining what drains your energy
  2. determining what will free up more of your time
  3. determining why you haven’t done this sooner…and may still not do it

Energy Audit

Take an energy audit.  This is where you take a piece of paper and draw a line vertically down the center so that you have a left and a right side.  At the top of the left side write, “Things that give me energy.”  At the top of the right side write, “Things that drain my energy.”

Be sure to take your time with this.  If you are trying to fit this exercise in before an appointment and you only have 30 minutes, it’s best to just wait until you can really focus on this.

Sometimes it’s hard to determine whether something drains your energy or not.  Close your eyes and imagine having to do that thing for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.  Did that though exhaust you?  There’s your answer.

Time Buy Back

Now we need to determine how much time each of these things is taking up for us on a weekly basis.

Next to each task you wrote down on your energy audit, put an estimate in hours for how long you spend each week doing that task.

Now, we want to look at the tasks that drain our energy and take up the most time each week.  That’s who we need to hire first.

Why We Still Won’t Hire

Now we are at the point where we know we should hire but we still have all kinds of thoughts like:

  • but I only spend 2 hours per week on that
  • it’s so easy to do, I really don’t mind
  • we aren’t generating enough revenue to cover the expense of hiring someone
  • it’ll take more work to train that person than to just do it myself

These are the same objections that I played through my mind endlessly every time I considered hiring someone.

It wasn’t until I read ‘Who Not How’ by Dan Sullivan and Benjamin Hardy that I really saw the true cost of my doing all of these things every week…every year.

It’s not so much the doing of the thing, it’s the cumulation of doing all the things all the time.  Switching between all these tasks, getting interrupted constantly, learning how to do menial tasks, all have opportunity costs.

If we end up with decision fatigue, how are we going to be strategic?  How are we going to see that our focus is all out of whack?  How are we going to spot the disaster looming?

Don’t think you can afford an employee?  Think again.  You can find someone more than willing to work part-time for you 5 to 10 hours per week, especially when most people work remote now.  I just posted a part-time position and got about 500 applications within 24 hours.

Don’t wait any longer.  Take the energy audit.  Start making hires.

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