57 Motivated Seller Marketing Ideas

Danny Johnson / 48 comments

The purpose of this post is to try to think up as many marketing methods to find motivated sellers to find more houses to flip. My marketing has slacked up a little and I wanted to consider some different marketing.

So here goes:

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  1. Bandit Signs
  2. Real Estate Investor Website
  3. Flyers
  4. Door Hangers
  5. Postcards
  6. Dollar Cards
  7. Business Cards
  8. Code Compliance List
  9. Pre-Foreclosure List
  10. MLS REO’s
  11. REO Realtors
  12. MLS Fixer Uppers
  13. Evictions
  14. Driving for Dollars
  15. Car Door Magnets
  16. Business Card Magnets
  17. Business Card Stickers
  18. Large Local Newspaper Ad
  19. Pennysaver/Thrifty Nickel Ads
  20. Local Specific Paper Ads (military etc.)
  21. Billboards
  22. Television Commercial
  23. Radio Commercial
  24. Social Networking
  25. Old School Networking
  26. Local Real Estate Investor Associations
  27. Wholesalers
  28. We Buy Houses Apparel
  29. Webinars
  30. Brochures
  31. Blog
  32. Direct Mail
  33. For Sale By Owner
  34. Calling For Rent Ads
  35. Expired MLS Listings
  36. Tax Sales
  37. Probates
  38. Probate Attorneys
  39. Mortgage Brokers
  40. Bird Dogs
  41. Banners
  42. Yellow Pages
  43. Coupon Books
  44. SWAG
  45. Skywriting
  46. Sponsorship
  47. Public Transit Ads
  48. Bulletin Boards
  49. Divorces
  50. Courthouse Steps
  51. Delinquent Taxes
  52. Payday Loan Stores
  53. Pawn Shops
  54. Fire Damaged Properties
  55. HOA’s
  56. Realtor Referrals
  57. Mail Carriers

Some of these will obviously be easier to do than others and some will be more expensive but require less work.

I tend to prefer the less work marketing methods. The other factor to look at is level of competition. Foreclosures have A LOT of competition while targeting fire damaged properties has very little.


The main thing to remember is that each of these things can work if given the chance to. Don’t just send out 50 letters and then give up because you didn’t get any calls. THIS IS A NUMBERS GAME. PERIOD. Put in the work consistently and you will be rewarded.

I’d like to hear your marketing ideas. Please don’t be shy. Leave your ideas in the comments.

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48 awesome responses to “57 Motivated Seller Marketing Ideas”

  1. Jason Bible on

    What happened to the sweet SWAG you had? My favorite “Slumlord Millionaire.”

  2. Brad on

    Enjoyed this one and I will definitely share! Long list and I think you covered most of them – Drop cards – similar to bandit signs, but you place them in places with high traffic. I’d even go party ‘promoter mode’ as I like to call it…hit the parking lots with your promo card

  3. clayton on

    Why not target Bankruptcy homeowners who have a chapter 13 dismissals .

  4. clayton on

    Also I like the many you have and really like fire damage . How would you go about finding about fire damage homes ?

    1. Rich on

      Clayton –

      Fire damaged homes can be found by driving neighborhoods or having someone drive neighborhoods. Since fire damaged houses are usually harder to flip, you might want to let all of the wholesalers and bird dogs in your area know that you buy “fire damaged”. They’ll definitely call you first.

  5. chri on

    A co-worker lead me to a good lead the other day. Locksmiths. They’re the first people at bank seized properties. A locksmith I hope to start working with soon works with a few banks in my local area, hopefully it will lead to some good opportunities.

  6. LaToya and Dozell on

    Great detailed list! Another one that works well for us in most markets is Craigs List.

  7. Cliff on

    Love the idea about business cards/signs in payday loan places and pawn shops. Probably plenty of motivated sellers walking in those doors!

  8. Jason Bible on

    One idea I keep floating at my MM meeting is to pay some college students to stage a little protest downtown carrying signs that on one side say sell your house fast, stop paying your mortgage, etc. and the other side of the sign would have our website and phone number.

  9. Shane on

    Hey Danny! Great to see you back. How did I miss the newsletter that said Shane, We’re back!?

    I’ll read the post now 🙂

  10. DC on

    Driving for Dollars is my favorite. I usually get about 100 addresses per neighborhood. As long as the house looks a little neglected, it goes on my list, vacant or not. One previous mailing was 110 letters, got 7 phone calls and doing 2 deals putting 14k in my pocket. The first house had tenants and my investor is letting their lease run out and then will fix and flip, already closed, made 6 grand. The second was an estate sale with a family friend living there, he’s out and we close Friday with a developer netting me 8 grand.

    As always, had the cash buyers lined up prior to doing the mailing. Another tip, if you see a house being renovated, find the owner, they may be a flipper/developer. Could become a future cash buyer.

    Do this technique…it works!!

  11. Bilgefisher on

    The first 2 deals I ever did were with guys who cleaned out properties for the bank. They bid nice and low (sometimes at cost) and got to see the foreclosures before they hit the market. They also had an inside contact at the bank via that work. We flipped a house that was 6 months old. The builder was still building others on that very street.


  12. Shane on

    Hey Danny, I just remembered another one that I do that has netted me absolutely no results yet, but I like to think it will:

    My business cards have WE BUY HOUSES etc. on the back. I like to post them on bulletin boards everywhere like y’all are talking about, but I also like to put them in the “fish bowl contests”. You know the ones, “drop your card in the bowl and if we draw yours win a free whatever”. What I do, is put my card in the bowl, against the front side with the WE BUY HOUSES facing out. If I can get just ONE CALL from this, I’ll be ecstatic!!!!

  13. Chris Lipumano on

    Hey Danny,

    I am starting a marketing campaign with a friend from work who is interested in partnering up with me. He is basically the silent partner/money guy.

    My goal is to do a direct mail campaign but I am having trouble choosing a list because I have a 75-100 % equity homeowners list and a absentee owners list. I am leaning towards the absentee owners list because the equity list is a kind of a shot in the dark.

    I am afraid to mail to my absentee owner list because I mailed out letters to 230 prospects but only was able to get 1 lead.

    Who do you think I should focus on or change?

    Thanks Danny for your time! Keep up the great work.

  14. Mike LaCava on

    Great marketing list! I am glad I stumbled upon it.

    I also think you really hit the nail on the head when you say “Put in the work consistently and you will be rewarded.”

    I remember becoming discouraged from time to time when I was just starting out in this business. Actually to be honest, I still do every so often.

    However just like you say remaining consistent and persistent always pays off in the long run.

    Thanks Danny and I’ll be sure to check out your blog more often.

    Take care!


  15. Howie S on

    Is there any particular way the business card should look, or any “good” words it should say to really gain buyers/sellers?

  16. Patricia D Hatcher on