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  •  Read about all of the marketing I was doing to generate hundreds of motivated sellers leads
  •  Get         in-depthanalysis of EVERY SINGLE lead I generated...what I said NO to and which ones I went to look at and make an offer on.
  • The book is 415 pages         filledwith real life details of actual house flipping. You won't find this day-to-day, in the trenches information in any other book out there!
"Thank you for the 34wk book. It has been a real insight into a REAL flipping (pun intended) business. We are so over these folks that get you hooked with promises, may deliver concepts, scenarios, forms etc, but truly don't provide any real world information, ie how to analyze deals, make offers, when to hold em and know when to fold em."

Byron Barkhurst, White Stone Properties
"I got your book 'Flipping Houses Exposed.' Thanks so much for writing it. That really opened my eyes to what a day looks like as a real estate investor. A big take for me was when you would pass on a deal. I think that is important for me as a novice to recognize. But actually there was so much information for me to absorb that I'm reading it slowly."

Mary Orazio
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