After Picture Of The Def Leppard House Flipped

Def Leppard House For Sale – After Pictures

Danny Johnson / 14 comments

The Def Leppard flip house rehab is now complete, staged and on the market for $164,900 (priced a little lower to get moved quickly – end of summer push).

Check out that staging job! 🙂

The Rehab Numbers

Rehab Scope of Work:$3,400
Rehab Extras:$241
Lawn Care:$45
Carpet:$2075 (cleaned first for $175, then $1,900 to replace all)
Make Ready:$275

After Pictures

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14 awesome responses to “Def Leppard House For Sale – After Pictures”

  1. Andrew on

    The place looks great. I’m glad you got rid of the pink walls. It would have been tough to find enough pink stuff to stage those rooms!! Good luck with the sale and thanks for this awesome blog. I’m now caught up and have really enjoyed it.

  2. Holly G on

    Wow what a difference! who does your staging?

  3. Mike G on

    Beautiful job! And yes, nice staging, too! 🙂

    So did you try to clean the carpets, and that didn’t work, so then you replaced them?

  4. william (Bill ) Hall on

    MY new website is now up. I welcome any feedback you may want to give. I have to add my PPM, and SCOR for my investors, and a few other items. I hope to buy my first set of houses by the end of September.


  5. Jim on

    Hi Danny, the house does look great! A couple of questions if you have time to answer–are you shooting your own photos and if so, what kind of camera and lens are you using? Also, I think I asked this on one of your posts, but can’t find where i did that, so I’ll ask again–can you share your probate letter with us?
    Thanks for all you’re doing, great job. I’m a Realtor and ready to get back to buying and flipping.

  6. Gail Smith on

    Hey Danny, love your work and your site…
    Mind if I ask: how long do you wait to send your probate
    letters? Too soon and it’s rude and insensitive, too late
    and it could be gone!