The Def Leppard House Before Pictures and Rehab Scope of Work

Def Leppard House

Danny Johnson / 24 comments

This is the house I closed on last week. The seller moved out over the weekend and I was able to go in with my contractor on Tuesday to go over the scope of work. We agreed on a price today and my contractor is starting work tomorrow.

My guy is doing the repairs in the scope of work below for $3,400. I have a carpet cleaner going by to give me an estimate and to let me know whether he thinks he can make the carpet look like new. If we can clean them, instead of replace them, we will save a lot of money. I’m sure there will be other miscellaneous items that pop up and I will let you know when they do.

House Details

[Source: Bandit Signs]

This is a 4 bedroom, 3.5 bathroom, 2500sf house that was built in 2006.

The Numbers

Purchase Price:$100,000
Settlement Fees:$2,159 (title policy, closing fee, insurance, loan fee)
Estimated Repairs:$4,000 (estimated 6,500, that will be if we have to replace carpet)
Resale Price:$170,000 (might have to go down to $160k quickly)
Estimated Profit:$63,841 minus holding costs and selling costs and likely reduction in sales price

Scope of Work

• Power wash the exterior where necessary.
• Paint back wall of house where stained.
• Paint front door.
• Install new brushed nickle door hardware and kickplate.
• Install new full-lite back door with silver doorknob and deadbolt.
• Clean windows inside and out.
• Clean columns at front of house.
• Replace the outlet cover on the front porch with matching.
• Install new doorbell.
• Add dirt around slab where needed and red mulch in the front.
• Water grass and plants when possible.
• Haul off construction debris and trash.

• Remove damaged blinds from the breakfast room.
• Patch all cracks and imperfections in walls and ceilings. Match texture.
• Install correct light bulbs in bathroom and where needed throughout (including kitchen fluorescents).
• Make sure all switch and plug plates match throughout the house. Replace broken/painted ones.
• Check attic for debris and any open wire junction boxes or just anything that would not pass inspection.
• Install new ceiling fans (matching oil rubbed-bronze) in living room (w/ downrod) and upstairs den.
• Replace light fixture at top of stairs with a flushmount oil-rubbed bronze fixture.
• Re-caulk around toilets and where necessary.
• Spray garage to remove pet odor.
• Prep interior for professional painting (remove all nails and things attached to walls and neatly caulk and sand) Paint interior – All Walls and All Trim and Ceilings only where necessary.
• Install vent cover where missing for downstairs half bath.
• Clean return air vent and opening and install new air filter.
• Install door stops, smoke detectors where necessary.

Paint Colors

Front Door: Red Bay SW 6321 SEMIGLOSS
Interior Walls: Realist Beige SW 6078 FLAT
Interior Trim: Extra White SW 7006 SEMIGLOSS

Before Pictures

Please excuse the pictures. I’m not the best photographer and I had to mix and match with pictures before they moved out and after they moved out because my battery died while taking the pictures after they moved out.

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24 awesome responses to “Def Leppard House”

  1. scott on

    Looks great. Does the $3,400 include the cost of the materials (paint, fixtures, etc.) If so, what does the contractor charge you just for painting the place (all walls, all trim, and ceiling where needed) for a 2,500 square foot house?

  2. Chris on

    Danny, how was this lead generated? I went back through looking for a 4 bed, 3.5 bath in the deals you analyze every week and couldn’t find it.


  3. Mark on

    Danny, you are going to leave the pink bedroom? Hope you make a good whack on the house. Hope you post the final numbers, good luck, Mark.

    PS, If you can stand the question—what are using for funds?

  4. John on

    Even if you make half that profit……most rehabbers would take that all day long!
    Hope you get it sold quick!


  5. MortgagesByMark on

    Hey are you going to at least keep the Def Leppard poster? 🙂

  6. Coy on

    Hey Danny,

    Really enjoying the blog – good stuff, keep it coming.

    I have a quick question – I’m assuming for you to formulate your offers during the first call, you have to know an estimated ARV. But, how do you figure this out so quickly? And definitely let me know if it all doesn’t take place on the very first call. Thanks!

  7. Matt K on

    Looks like a real nice house that just needs some freshening up.

    I’m starting a bandit sign campaign this week. I need to get some deals like this one!!!

  8. Melinda on

    Looks like a great rehab. Would you mind sharing who you use for hard money lending?

  9. Melinda on

    Great, looking forward to it! Keep up the awesome work.