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101: Dominate Your Local Market Online

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Danny Johnson

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Hey Flip Pilots! You know that book Danny wrote a few years back called “Flipping Houses Exposed”? It’s been a free kindle e-book for the longest time, but now it’s finally coming into print! How cool, right?

A lot of investors have told Danny that this book has helped them with their real estate investing business. This isn’t just any book that tells you the basics of flipping houses. No. What Danny and Melissa did was document every single lead and deal that they had so that you can see what they did, what they planned, what worked, and what didn’t.

And when we say everything, we mean everything. See, Danny had taken some time off of the flipping business so he could get his private pilot’s license. When he came back he knew he would have to wear a lot of hats to get his real estate investing business back on track. Keeping documents of every aspect of their business helped him to be able to plan better in the future. When these documents became a book, Danny saw that they were helping other real estate investors grow their business too.

In no time it was obvious to everyone reading the book that the majority of Danny and Melissa’s leads came from their real estate investing website. If you’re struggling to get the deals in your area, it’s because you’re doing the same thing that every other investor in your area is doing.

Now it’s no secret that online leads are better leads. I mean, c’mon, it’s 2018. You have to be online so that when people go to search for someone to buy their house they find you instead of your competition.

Now, this isn’t to try and promote LeadPropeller websites (even though they are the best), this is to let you all know that Danny will be hosting coaching calls to answer any and all questions that you guys might have. So many investors see that it’s possible to get leads online, but have no idea how to do it. Having a website just isn’t enough anymore.

If you want to dominate your local market, come to Danny’s coaching call. He’s going to be going over the best strategy to get online motivated seller leads. Don’t get lost in direct mail, don’t let your competition beat you in Google searches. Come make your real estate investing business stronger with Danny’s help.

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Danny Johnson: This is the Flipping Junkie podcast episode 101. [music] Welcome to the Flipping Junkie podcast, the podcast for flip pilots everywhere. Flip pilots are the house flippers that work more “on” our business instead of “in” our business by keeping a 30,000-foot view. You’re now part of a small group of house flippers that considers themselves flip pilots that strive to build the life of financial freedom and time freedom so that we can spend more time doing what we love with who we love. In this podcast, I give you a glimpse of the daily life of a flip pilot, so let’s gets started.

Hey guys, welcome back to the Flipping Junkie podcast. This is a real quick episode. I just wanted to share with you guys something that I’m pretty excited about. Some of you might know about my book. This is just a physical book. This is not my book. This is a different book. But I’ve got a book that I had published, oh man, that was back in 2013 but it was just an e-book. It was a Kindle book that was on Amazon called Flipping Houses Exposed. A lot of investors over the years have told me how much they got out of that book and I think one of the biggest things was just how many leads that we would go through before we found a deal and got a deal. It was kind of eye-opening and showed the reality of house flipping and what it was really like.

What I was doing was basically, it started out as a blog post. So I was blogging about 34 weeks in my business as I was getting it ramped back up because I had taken some time off a little bit to go and get my private pilot’s license and so my business suffered a little bit and I needed to get it back in gear. I was still wearing all the hats at that time. I was becoming a private pilot but not a flip pilot, and if you’ve been following me for any amount of time, you know that means focusing on in the business instead of in it. Well, at the time, my wife Melissa and I were wearing all the hats. If we didn’t do marketing, we weren’t getting deals. So we would have this cyclical flow of deals that most investors experienced, and that’s where we’re putting on our marketing hat and we’re doing the marketing, we’re getting leads in. Pick up a deal or two and we get focused on fixing up those houses, putting them on the market and by the time they sell, we’re not getting any more leads in because we stopped doing the marketing to put on our rehabbing and selling hats and all that kind of good stuff. And so it’s a cycle that a lot of real estate investors end up with and you can kind of even see that a little bit in that book through the 34 weeks. But it was showing all the marketing I was doing to get that going and every week what I was doing and all the leads that came in, and some interesting stories in here. Actually, reading through it, there’s a lot of great laughs and a lot of memories from that.

But the news is, I’m making that a physical print book. And I don’t know about you, but I don’t really like reading books on a device or on the computer. I’d rather have it in my hand and flip the pages. And so that’s what we did. But being that it was 34 weeks of generating almost 500 motivated seller leads and me talking about every single lead that came in, you can imagine that would have been a huge book and that’s why I’m kind of showing this book, is it’s thick. Probably 400 or 500 pages. So I had it professionally edited and we got it down to I think about 250 pages. So that would be a printed book available and what I’m going to do is set it up as a free + shipping offer where you can get that book for free. I’m super excited. So I’m going to try to have that within about a week or two. I’m super excited about it. I wanted to share it with you.

But first, one thing that I do remember from the book also that people would come to me and talk to me about all the time and ask me what was the secret, because in that book I describe where the leads came from each week and it was super, super obvious where the majority of my leads came from and the deals that we got from those leads, and it was from my website. So if you’re struggling to find the good deals and you’re out there, basically doing what most everybody else is doing in your market, direct-to-mail and things like that, it’s time to differentiate yourself and do something a little bit different and focus on another strategy. I encourage you to be online because things are going that way and I’ve been talking about it lately and where people are research you. So even if you’re sending direct-to-mail, when people get that direct-to-mail, they’re going online to find out more about you and your company, and you’ve got to be online when they do that so that they’re not finding your competitors. They’re finding you. So it’s super important to have a website, have a web presence, something that converts, something that’s SEO optimized, all that kind of good stuff. And this isn’t really going to be a pitch right now for Lead Propeller websites. It’s more of telling you that I’m putting on a coaching call because too many people see that it’s possible to get a lot of leads online but have no idea how to do it. And even just having that website is not enough because you’ve got to be able to do something with it to get traffic and people to your website to be able to get those leads.

After enough years of hearing about people struggling with “Well I don’t know what to do” and kind of giving some advice here and there, I felt like, “Wow, there needs to be a strategy.” A strategy to dominate your local market so you can be found online and get those great leads and deals. So what I’m doing is I’m doing a coaching call talking about the strategy on how to dominate your local market, the things that you can do right now to be seen and start being found and have your business presence being built up online with reviews and ways that you can dominate that local market pretty easily because there’s still so many people even if they have websites aren’t making use of it and now is the time to do it before it’s too late. So I’m doing a coaching call. It’s going to be January 30 at 1:00 PM. I’m going to repeat that several times, do it live over and over and over again because I want more and more people to see this. Honestly, I’m also improving that coaching call, the one I’m putting together because typically people have different questions and so the next time I teach it, I’m going to want to be able to answer those questions in that.

So if you’re listening to this podcast, it’s already past January 30, 2018. Still go to the website because there’s probably going to be a newer one that I’m doing also at that time. So check it out, see if I’m still doing that training. You can go to It’s called and it’s teaching you how to dominate your local market online to get these awesome motivated seller leads and basically there’s three top things that I’m going to be talking about during that coaching call and it’s going to be a webinar basically so you’ll be able to see the screen and see the stuff that I’m presenting and getting all that great info from me. But it’s basically how to be found online not just from your website but other website properties or other online properties where you need to be found, where you need to have these reviews and you need to start gathering this stuff. Then also ways to make sure that when you do get traffic to your website, you can better convert those. So when you have a website that converts better, you don’t need as much traffic to get more leads. It’s an awesome way. So this is showing you those top things whether you have a Lead Propeller site or any other site that you can use to make sure that your website is converting at its highest.

Then the next thing is what to do when people go to your website but then don’t fill out the form and they don’t call you. They don’t become a lead. Probably 99 percent of investors that have websites don’t do anything about the people that came to their website and didn’t contact them. But I’m going to show you what you can do with that big number of people. It’s typically about 90 percent of people coming to your website do not become a lead from that visit. So instead of just ignoring them and not even realizing that that’s happening, I’m going to show you that that is what’s happening and ways to get them back to your website so that they can become a lead after enough time. Because a lot of times, it’s just because they’re just not ready when they visit your website to go ahead and call you or deal with the situation. Maybe their problem is not bad enough for them to want to call somebody and tell them about their embarrassing situation they have with the property.
And so doing this, it’s sort of like hitting people with direct-to-mail multiple times where we use what’s called retargeting. So I’m going to talk about some of that. I’m going to talk about all this really cool stuff with having the website dominating that local market to get those leads, and a lot of it, I’m telling you, is stuff that you haven’t heard before so you want to be on this call, on this webinar. So go to, it’s free. There’s no charge for this. I’m just doing this to show you guys how important it is right now to start doing this even if it scares you, if the online world scares you and you feel like there’s just too much to know. I’m going to show you how to get through all that without knowing all that. So it’s very cool. Check it out. Go ahead and register for your seat, get your seat. It’s limited seating. So check it out and I’ll see you on January 31 or later if you’re listening to this podcast later, check out and then in the coming couple of weeks, I’ll also be offering that book, the print version that you can put in your hands, lay in bed at night or something and go through, get these great stories and information about flipping houses and check that out. So that will be a free + shipping offer that you’ll be able to get. All you got to do is pay for shipping and you’ll get that book. So we’ll show you about that. Go ahead and head over to and I’ll see you on the coaching call. Looking forward to it. Have a great week!


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