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109: Avoiding The Decline

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Danny was casually watching YouTube and found a video of the growth and collapse of civilizations in Europe. What he found especially interesting was the huge expanse of the Roman Empire and its eventual decline. Similarly, Dan Sullivan’s program called “Pure Genius” talks about self improvement and growth. In the last CD, Sullivan talked about how great civilizations started on top of the world but still fell apart. Why is that?

Sullivan puts it like this: take something like the Roman Empire and and scale it down to you and your business. When an individual is at the top of their game at some point, inevitably, something is going to happen that makes you take a tumble. Whether this tumble will cause a downward spiral or not is entirely up to how you manage the situation. Sullivan says, “Progress stops when people stop being grateful. People come to a point when there’s so much success that they start losing touch with what got them there.”

That’s such an important lesson for anyone, let alone a real estate investor. When you’re so used to looking far in the future and achieving huge goals that you’re not noticing what you’ve accomplished, you’re going to start getting overwhelmed and fall apart. Celebrate your wins more!

After you close a deal, celebrate it. After you covert a lead, celebrate it! Take a second to see how hard you worked to get to this point. Look at all of the effort you put into a deal that you profited off of. See how far you’ve come and know that it took you time and effort to do it. You didn’t get where you are now overnight.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that you’re doing well. You have a successful business that you built. Don’t always look so far ahead that you lose sight of where you came from. You did it, and you’re going to keep on doing it.

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Danny Johnson: This is the Flipping Junkie podcast episode 109. [music] Welcome to the Flipping Junkie podcast, the podcast for flip pilots everywhere. Flip pilots are the house flippers that work more “on” our business instead of “in” our business by keeping a 30,000-foot view. You’re now part of a small group of house flippers that considers themselves flip pilots that strive to build the life of financial freedom and time freedom so that we can spend more time doing what we love with who we love. In this podcast, I give you a glimpse of the daily life of a flip pilot, so let’s gets started.

Hey everybody. Welcome back to the Flipping Junkie Podcast. I’ve got another quick episode for you. Something that I found really kind of fascinating and eye-opening this week is why I want to share it with you guys. I think it will help you, all the real estate investors out there listening to the Flipping Junkie Podcast. So I was watching YouTube at home. This was just a couple of weeks ago actually. There was an interesting time-lapse video that I found and it showed the continent of Europe and it showed the growing and expanding of civilizations and then collapsing of civilizations, all the changing and the morphing year by year. It was a time-lapse video of showing from before-Christ until present day. And it was really interesting to see how like the Roman civilization and everything which obviously was the middle of all that but, you know, and expanding out really far and then contracting in and maybe growing a little bit and coming back in and shrinking. And I was listening to some CDs and it’s right here and if you’re watching on, it’s right here. These are my car-listening CDs. It’s Dan Sullivan. He’s got a program called Pure Genius and it’s excellent if you are into self-improvement, that kind of stuff and I absolutely love that kind of thing. This is an excellent program.

And on the last CD, I think it’s CD 7, he was talking about something that really resonated with me. He was talking about great civilizations and he was talking about how it’s pretty incredible that throughout history there have been some great civilizations that were just on top of the world and doing really well, had innovation and different social changes and all kinds of things happening. But then they fell apart and they’re no longer around. And why is that? And there is some concern about the US even that we right now on so many levels are really on top of the world. We’re more advanced than just the best country and in my opinion, civilization in the world. And that could change, right? That could go away. It seems almost impossible but it’s true and we have to ask ourselves how and why could that happen and why has it happened in the past. And Dan Sullivan and the CDs, what he said was he took it to a smaller level. So the civilization thing is a very macro high level of that happening but it happens on a more individual basis as well. It happens to individuals as well where individuals are succeeding and growing and just at the top of their game and just really doing their own and finding success. Almost so many times while they’re at the top like that, all of a sudden something happens and they hit a downturn and they start to decline and it’s like a downward spiral and you just have to be left wondering how did that happen. They were so on top of everything and then they kind of like lost everything. And he asked the question why does it happen individually to people so much.

And what he said was that progress stops when people stop being grateful. Progress stops when people stop being grateful. He goes on to explain that a little bit more and it’s super profound. He said that people just come to a point when there’s so much success they start losing touch with what got them there. And that it’s so super important to take time to be grateful for every win and how far you’ve come.

That’s really important for all of us and it resonated with me. I know a lot of you guys out there, we all have these enormous goals and it’s kind of hard to feel great about what we’ve done and accomplished after a while when we’re so used to that and we’ve got these lofty goals and we’re looking so far in the future all the time at those goals instead of how far we’ve come. And so one of my more recent affirmations over the last month or so has been that I celebrate my wins and successes by looking at how far I’ve come versus how far I’ve left to go. It’s been really helpful and it’s an awesome thing. I encourage everybody out there listening to this to take some time to really celebrate our wins. And the business coach that I’ve been working with, you know that’s one of the things too that he’s been talking about was after some certain thing will happen, then it’s time for us to go out and celebrate that and really take the time to do that. It seems kind of common sense but how many of us really do it, right? And how many of us do it often?

I think every time we have some sort of small win or something happens, a deal closes and we make a 20-grand profit, 30 or 40 grand profit or whatever it is, take some time to think back at how hard it was to get that first deal. Right? And how hard it was to finally get to where you were getting consistent deals or getting this ball rolling and letting that excite you and give you the energy again to push and keep working as hard as you’re used to in the beginning you had to. I think that brings a lot of joy and fulfillment in doing that. So looking at how far you’ve come versus how far you have left to go, so keep that in mind and try not to enter that decline or the fall of the civilizations if we can stick to doing that and really understand what had to come first for us to be where we’re at and have these wins. Even though they might seem like small wins because we’re so used to that kind of thing, what had to happen first to get to that point and celebrate that and understand that and realize how much had to be put into place first and let that drive you and give you energy.

So, I hope that message resonates with you guys. If it does, please let me know. The Flip Pilot group is a great one. Somebody did that last week, I really appreciate hearing that feedback like that. That’s awesome. If you’re not a part of the Flip Pilot Facebook Group, head over to and put your email in and we’ll get you access to that private Facebook Group, Flip Pilot that we’re all talking in. And then see you there. So, everybody have a great week. Talk to you next time.


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