Episode 137: 6 Months Into Full Time Investing with Doug Watts Jr

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This week Danny is joined by Doug Watts Jr, a new investor born and raised in Austin, Texas. His story starts out as a commercial general contractor where he stayed for 10 years as a field engineer and later superintendent. Like many of us, he was drawn in by the freedom that real estate investing can give you and he dove straight into educating himself and taking action to get started!

Doug actually completed 2 flips while working full time, making a profit of $63,000 on the first and $109,000 on the second. Just 6 months ago, he decided to take his investing business full-time and has since listed 2 houses for sale that he flipped (that’s a projected profit of $50,000 in his first 6 months working for himself. In this episode, Doug also shares a cautionary tale of sorts that anyone should be looking out for, about the importance of making sure that every box is checked when it comes to your business.

While Doug may not be your typical, “House Flipping Guru,” he is determined to make it happen for him and his family and his resilience is something to be admired. His open-book take on both his successes and his mistakes allows us to see what a new investor actually looks like, as well as take a look at the internal struggle of being afraid to lose all of your money, but also knowing that it takes spending money to make money.






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  1. Barbara Brown on

    Wow, I so appreciate the honesty of this podcast. So encouraging.