Episode 167: Getting Started Real Estate Investing During Coronavirus Pandemic

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Show Notes

This podcast talks about the origins of the recent blog post: Getting Started Real Estate Investing During a Pandemic

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Were you getting started flipping houses or real estate investing or wholesaling and then this crazy coronavirus (Covid-19) had to pop up and dash your hopes and dreams of financial freedom? Danny too was looking to get back into the day-to-day of buying/flipping/wholesaling houses and had to determine whether to sit it out or jump on the horse. He decided to go ahead and move forward with flipping homes. Here’s what he decided to do to get the ball rolling and help insure he limited his risk and chance of sleepless nights.

He asked 8 of his close, highly experienced, real estate investing friends what 20% of the things they do produce 80% of their results in generating motivated seller leads for their house flipping business. He then asked them what changes they were making during this pandemic because of the Coronavirus.

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8 real estate investing experts share answers to 3 questions about the 20% of actionable, tangible advice to produce 80% of their results and what changes they are making to their business during these uncertain times! 17 page PDF

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