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75: Scary But Do It Anyway

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This vlog, Danny talks about how important it is for you to do what needs to be done for your business even if you’re afraid. Don’t forget, all of the vlog episodes (and more) are available on the FlippingJunkie YouTube channel at

Making big steps is scary for just about everyone. When Danny was working on getting his pilot’s license, he would stop in the parking lot and think about two things: how exciting flying is, but also how dangerous it is. Even though learning was a lot of fun, there was still that risk involved.

The same is true for running your own real estate investing business. Especially when you’re getting started. When Danny and Melissa first started buying and selling houses and the first call came in he was so nervous to talk to the motivated seller that he threw the phone at Melissa so she would talk to them! And while that was scary, the reward to going through with the lead was bigger than any nerves they had.

So that’s the takeaway from this vlog. Knowing that being afraid is ok, but pushing past that to get to the good stuff is even better!

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Welcome to The Flipping Junkie Podcast, the podcast for flip pilots everywhere. Flip pilots are the house flippers that work more on our business instead of in our business by keeping a 30,000 ft view. You’re now part of this small group of house flippers that consider themselves flip pilots. Let’s strive to build a life for financial freedom and time freedom so that we can spend more time doing what we love with who we love. In this podcast, I give you a glimpse of the daily life of a flip pilot, so let’s get started.

Hey everybody, welcome back to The Flipping Junkie Podcast. I got another vlog here for you. I was just thinking about – I was telling a friend about when I started taking flying lessons how I would literally drive up to the airport and park there and sit there and kind of have my prayer time and my “gathering it together” kind of time. I was taking lessons and having a lot of fun. It was also one of those things where in the back of my mind I was a little bit nervous about the whole thing because of the fact that I’ve got a family and kids and things can happen in the air and with flying there are some risks involved. It’s just one of the things where you realize that you’re sort of scared but you do it anyway. And how that relates to flipping houses and getting out of your comfort zone and being an entrepreneur, owning your own business and all of those things, most of us when we’re doing something like that is a time where we are dealing with a little bit of that fear, but we do it anyway. I’m so glad i pushed through it and just collected myself and just did it anywhere. It didn’t take long, maybe a week or maybe two weeks of lessons before that wasn’t really an issue anymore. But it’s the same thing with getting started flipping houses and more recently what I’ve been thinking about a lot is the fact that a lot of investors still aren’t marketing to motivated sellers because of that fear of all of the unknowns of buying a house directly from a seller. I don’t think it’s a fear that you should really have. It’s one of those things where if you just take action and you just worry about that first part, it’s getting the phone to ring and handle that phone call.

A story that many of you probably already heard if you follow Flipping Junkie for a while, but really when we first started doing marketing for motivated seller, I had my phone number out there and I felt weird about it having my phone number, I think we did some bandit signs in Driving for Dollars. And so just thinking about the fact there were signs out there were people driving by and had my phone number on it was just really weird to me. When that first call came in I was so nervous I literally threw the phone at my wife, not like that but tossed it to her, and she had to take the phone call. She was just – asked some questions and we didn’t ask all the right questions. We didn’t get all the information. I don’t even think we got the address on that first call but we called back. We learned so much from that call. We were scared to death maybe more me than her, but we figured out it wasn’t really that bad. We make mistakes, we’re all going to make them. Any time we’re trying something new we’re going to make those mistakes and just be okay with it and understand that what’s the worst that could really happen? It’s not like it’s going to kill you. You probably will make mistakes and most of us are really afraid of doing that but we do it anyway.

I just say have to have the fear but do it anyway. Accept the fear and brush it aside, do it anyway, make mistakes and just move on with it. I think this will get a lot of people off the fence of even getting started flipping houses, but even further into getting away from chasing all of those deals on MLS that everybody else is vying for and trying to market directly to motivated sellers to be able to get better deals and get easier deals. I have so much fear about talking with sellers and meeting with sellers and making offers on houses. Yes there’s a lot of rejection. You’re making low offers to people at their houses about the house that they’ve maybe lived in or grew up in all that kind of stuff. But whenever you start to do this and you take action, you get the phone ringing, you talk to people, you find those people that are so grateful that they found you. Those are the people that were out there trying to help. Yes there are other people that were willing to help, but maybe don’t want our assistance in our service of buying a house fast and closing quickly and solving that problem for them and so they’re not so excited about it. But then there’s other people that say that they’ve prayed for a solution and you are the answer to that prayer, that you were there to help them and they’re so grateful for it and so ecstatic that you were able to buy the house even though it needs a ton of repairs and all that kind of stuff and help them out and so it’s awesome. If you just have the fear of thinking that all you’re going to get is people yelling at you and saying, “Man, what are you trying to steal my house?” – All that kind of stuff, then you push past and you find these other people—

I had a problem there. I was shooting too many videos so there is no more storage on my phone so I kind of cut out a little bit but anyway.

But anyway, that’s the thing. It’s getting past the fear, pushing past the fear and doing it anyway. Now I urge you all to do that. If you’re sitting on the fence about something because you’re afraid of something just do it and get it over with.

That’s my advice for today on The Flipping Junkie Podcast vlog. Be sure to subscribe on iTunes and rate and review please and then also you can check these videos out on Have a great week, talk to you later.


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