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83: How a Mastermind Changed Everything

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Danny and Melissa share the secret to the massive growth in their flipping business over the last year.

The story begins several years ago when they were wearing all of the hats in their business. They were killing themselves trying to do it all.

Danny shares how he met Justin and learned how to scale his business without having to do everything.

This episode shares the story and shows how you can do the same.

Real Estate Investing Masterminds

There are several great real estate investing mastermind groups out there like “Collective Genius”. The group we joined has more a family feel. We are a close knit group that is open with sharing our “secrets” to help each other grow. While you can’t go wrong with being part of a mastermind group for real estate investors, just be aware that there are differences to the groups.


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Danny Johnson: This is the Flipping Junkie podcast episode 83. [music] Welcome to the Flipping Junkie podcast, the podcast for flip pilots everywhere. Flip pilots are the house flippers that work more “on” our business instead of “in” our business by keeping a 30,000-foot view. You’re now part of a small group of house flippers that considers themselves flip pilots that strive to build a life of financial freedom and time freedom so that we can spend more time doing what we love with who we love. In this podcast, I give you a glimpse of the daily life of a flip pilot, so let’s gets started.

All right. Welcome back to the Flipping Junkie podcast. A special episode for everybody out there. I’ve got my beautiful wife Melissa on the show. Of course you can find this on YouTube as well, so Go ahead and subscribe. You can watch the videos and watch us talking to each other and making funny faces and whatnot. It’s kind of weird again because we’re in Facetime or we’re Skyping from office to office in the same office. But today I wanted to share with you guys a special opportunity, something that we’ve been talking about for a while now. It’s an opportunity that we got almost a year ago and it’s done so much for our business and I want to talk about it with you guys too along with Melissa because we’ve enjoyed this ride together. Do you want to start with kind of where we were in our business, maybe three years ago, three and a half years ago in our flipping business, where we were and what we were doing?

Melissa Johnson: Sorry, I’m distracted because your mouth isn’t moving with the words.

Danny Johnson: Yeah, that kind of happens. I think post production will fix that. There’s a little bit of a lag.

Melissa Johnson: Yeah. So where we were at. Well, it was just, you know, it was me and you doing everything by ourselves and I guess we thought we were free but we really weren’t because we were having to do everything on our own and it was getting really stressful I think for us. We have so much going on between the house flipping and software and kids and everything else, so I think we were reaching a point where we knew we needed some help.

Danny Johnson: Basically for 10 years plus in this business it was you and me and we were wearing all the hats and it was what my dad and our mentors would tell us, is basically you’re wearing all the hats. You wear the marketing hat to generate the leads to get the house deals. Then once you get the houses under contract or actually when you get the leads in then you can take that hat off and get your sales person hat on, go and put it under contract. And then get the deal closed and then put on your contractor’s hat and go in there and make sure that you get the rehab done properly on time and under budget and all that kind of stuff. So you’re constantly changing, taking off these hats and you can’t have more than one hat on at a time. So what would happen is we had these up and downs throughout all those years where we would generate quite a few deals and then we would have to get the focused on managing those rehabs and dealing with those deals and we wouldn’t be keeping our marketing going. Or we would simply drop the ball on the phone calls and I’d be real short on the phone with people and wasn’t building rapport and getting as many under contract. So we’d find after we’d sell the properties, we’d have to start back over in the cycle again of building up the marketing again and doing all that.

What you had said, like the fact that we were doing it ourselves and we thought that it was a way to have freedom, so we had false beliefs about the fact that if we hired people we would responsible for them, we wouldn’t be able to take vacations when we wanted and because we’d be responsible of keeping the business going to pay the people working with us. I call that a false belief because over all those years, it was hard because if we ever did take a vacation that was more than a couple of days or a week, things would fall apart and that we’re having to take care of stuff while we’re on vacation. You can’t just take a business and say, okay, turn off the switch. We’re going somewhere and we’ll turn it back on when we get back. Unless you’re just doing a deal or two or three a year which is kind of hard to do and live off of. So we learned pretty quickly that maybe that whole thing of not having the responsibility of building a team was helpful and that would give us freedom. It really didn’t give us freedom, right? And we were so busy.

Melissa Johnson: It was really kind of sad looking back now how much time did we waste, my God. Because we could have been doing so much more so much sooner but, oh well, lesson learned. Right?

Danny Johnson: Yeah, we did quite a bit still but it was a lot of work.

Melissa Johnson: Look at all the gray hair that you have now.

Danny Johnson: Hey. That’s also going to be edited out in post production. Yeah, I’ve got a lot of gray here but that maybe is more from the software than anything else. No, I’m just kidding. Where we’re going with this though is it started back and we were just talking about this recently when I went to that marketing conference several years ago, 40 years ago or whatever it was. I met a guy named Andrew McCauley and I didn’t really know anybody at the conference so he was like the first person I met and I’m not really an extrovert, so I was just hanging out with him the whole time. It was like, “Okay, I got a friend. I’m going to hang out with this guy the whole time.” Well it turns out his wife was interested in learning how to flip houses and so he was real interested in talking to me about all of that while we we’re at this conference. His wife Leila, I’m not sure how to pronounce it correctly, it’s been so long but she had contacted me and said, “Hey, I’ve got this guy out in California who’s doing a lot of stuff and he’s got a podcast and wanted to see if I could put you two guys together and you can be on his podcast. And he really wants you on his podcast.” I was thinking, well, I’m really pretty busy and I’m wearing all the hats so I didn’t have the time to really be on that podcast, right? And I had a lot of requests from people to do stuff like that that never really produced much. If they don’t have much of an audience it’s kind of hard to take the time out to do that kind of thing especially when you’re doing everything in the business. So I kind of blew it off a little bit but then they were persistent and convinced me to look back into it and so I did.

So I looked into who’s now a very good friend of mine, Justin Williams is who we’re talking about, and I looked into what he was doing out there 4 years ago or 3, I’m not even sure, time flies so much. But I was amazed and the thing was this guy was doing so many deals and talking about how he wasn’t spending more than a handful of hours in his flipping business every week. So I said, well, he’s doing something right. He’s handling things a little bit better than I am with his business. So I got on his podcast and we had several phone calls after the podcast because it’s just a joy of talking to him. It’s a wealth of information about taking the business to the next level. Progressing past where we were sort of stuck for so many years. After one of those phone conversations, one of the first ones too, it wasn’t like I barely knew this ugly, I barely knew Justin at this point and after one of those initial phone calls, I talked to you and what did I say? Do you remember whenever I was saying, “Hey, do you mind if I fly out to California?”

Melissa Johnson: Yeah, I think it was something like that. Like, “Do you mind if I fly out to California and just hang out with Justin Williams for a couple of days?” I was like, “I guess so.” Then you told me you were going to stay at his house. Which it was like, he’s a total stranger and you’re a stranger but he was so accommodating and welcoming.

Danny Johnson: Right. Because I called him up and I said, “This might be weird but hey, do you mind if I fly out and hang out with you?” It was like hesitated for maybe three seconds and said, “Sure.” I think he probably asked when and I was like, “Well, as soon as possible.” So I was on a plane a couple days later flying out to California and he picked me up from the airport and everything. And I’m sure he’s going to listen to this so I hope he doesn’t think badly of me. But, you know, I had my doubts at first. I did. Like there was some sort of suspicions there because it was just almost like it was too good to be true. What I mean by that is he picked me up from the airport and we’re driving down the California freeway and he said, “Well, what do you want to do?” I was like, “I don’t know. I didn’t think that far ahead. I just wanted to hang out and talk and figured we just have a good time.” I said, “Well, I guess let’s go check out some of your rehabs. Let’s look at some of the house deals that you’re doing.” And he goes, “Oh yeah, I don’t know where those are. I don’t know. And even if I found out and went and we went there, the contractors wouldn’t know who I was.” So you can see why I had these sort of suspicions and doubts, right?

It was like, he didn’t have anything much like I was getting texts with leads that were coming in and I was having to call them back and set up appointments for them for when I got back and all this kind of stuff. But he wasn’t getting any of that. He wasn’t getting phone calls, wasn’t getting texts. So I started having my doubts. But as the day went on, we met with someone that was working in his business and everything and all those flew out the door. I believed him and saw what he was doing. So it was pretty incredible and he was really where we wanted to be and I couldn’t wait to tell you about it when I got home as far as about what he’s doing. He was so willing to help out and show me exactly what he was doing. There was never a moment where he was afraid of telling me something like he was keeping anything to himself. It was just all “here’s how we do things and ask me whatever question you want and we’ll answer it. If I can’t answer it then the person running the flipping business for me was going to be there to answer it as well.” So it was pretty cool. I mean, what did you think back then whenever I went and did that and came back? This whole new excitement for like building the business out.

Melissa Johnson: I think that was a huge thing just right there in itself because we were so tired at that point I feel like from doing everything for so long. I know I was. I wasn’t even doing as much as I do now but I think just being like so jazzed and excited about the business again was because it totally changed the way we thought about things, and I think that was really big for us just coming from husband and wife doing everything on their own to the possibility of having help.

Danny Johnson: Right.

Melissa Johnson: I think it was like with our mentoring, your dad and stuff, not really old school but just, I don’t know, well your dad had help, that was different I guess. But we were just always kind of coached like not to hire people.

Danny Johnson: Yeah, don’t make your life complicated, right?

Melissa Johnson: When it was the complete opposite.

Danny Johnson: Right. So it went against everything that we had believed and what we were being told as far as you can do this business on your own and you don’t need to do as many deals and be careful because you can hire the wrong people and you’re basically teaching your competition when you bring people in to help you and they’re going to go off and compete with you exactly with your business systems and stuff like that. So you have those fears and I think they’re mostly really unfounded. That can happen but it’s best to take action on the things apart from fear like if you’ve got something you’re afraid of, don’t ever act on that fear and/or not act because of the fear. So I think we’ve learned that a lot through all of this. Because the fear I had a lot was, like, who the heck is going to replace me for going out and getting these houses under contract?

Melissa Johnson: No one could be as good as you.

Danny Johnson: Right! I can build this rapport with these sellers and everything and we came from a poor background and a lot of times a lot of the sellers are having financial problems and so I can relate. I can build rapport and I understand where they are and where they’re coming from. I just was thinking man, I don’t know who, like how could I possibly even train somebody what I’m doing because what I’m doing is not something that I planned out, I just kind of did. So that was a big fear. And so Justin was always telling me you can though, you could find somebody better than you. And it’s not maybe that they were better than you but they were focused and that’s their job and so they’re going to do better than you because you’re trying to do everything and not doing very well at each of those things because you’re just spread so thin and you’re not focusing your attention. That’s what stunts growth and makes the flipping business turn into a job. I think a lot of investors have turned their flipping business not into what they were hoping and freedom but to another job where they were responsible for keeping this thing going because they were having to do everything. But I feel like I’m rambling on a little bit but it’s a big thing and you talked about like when I came back into thinking, “well, we could get help.” I immediately thought yeah, there were so many things that I started looking at that I was doing and I was like, “You mean I don’t have to do this anymore? There’s a chance that I won’t have to stuff these envelopes? That I won’t have to do whatever the things that we were still doing ourselves.”

Melissa Johnson: I’m pretty sure I was stuffing the envelopes at that point.

Danny Johnson: Yeah. Okay. And then where this is all leading up to though is that we just came into an opportunity just last year where Justin had given me a call and said, “Hey, I formed a Mastermind. We meet three times a year and it’s all high-level people. Do you want to join?” Did you remember what I told you when I talked to you about it after I talked to him?

Melissa Johnson: Yeah, I remember you being super pumped about it and just saying “I think this sounds like a good opportunity. I think we should do this.” I’m not sure, I think I was a little on the fence about it still just because it was such a commitment. But I mean, it didn’t take long. When I say that, I mean, this is like over the course of a day I think because I think by that night we had made the decision that if we wanted to grow our business like we wanted to, that we needed something like that and it’s like you mentioned earlier too, it’s kind of a lonely business and so you don’t really get the opportunity. I mean, I guess you do more so now online and stuff, but actually meeting face-to-face with people and talking about your business, it was a little scary thought at first because you have all these expectations of what people are doing and what they think you’re doing and then you come together and you just, I mean, you learn so much.

Danny Johnson: Yeah. One thing too is that the group, he had told me who was in the group and what they were doing. It reminds me of when you look at where people are at another level where you want to be, it’s always making sure that you’ve got that mindset of “wow, they did it. I can do it too” and the quickest way to get to that point is by talking with them and figuring out what they did to do it. Instead of the whole jealousy thing of “Oh man, that lucky dog. He was able to do that. He’s so lucky. He’s in a better market. He’s in a market where there’s not as much competition and that kind of stuff and instead look at it like “wow, they did the same. They did what we want to do. They’re at where we want to be so we need to join this group and be a part of this.” And the reason why we even took and yeah, I mean, it was like maybe three hours of talk about it and it’s because the group isn’t cheap and there’s a reason for that is because it’s only people making the commitment to make the growth and make the changes and stuff because when you have things that don’t require much barrier to entry, you treat it not as much like you didn’t pay anything for it. So that’s the first thing by the wayside as you get busy. But when you make that commitment, you know you’re in a group with all the other people that made that huge commitment and are doing a certain level of business and that’s what you’re going to be a part of. So it was pretty cool.

Melissa Johnson: I think too just thinking about that too, everybody was so open about sharing things and that’s another thing too. It seems, I don’t know the words. You may think you’re paying a lot of money for something but the benefit that you get from it far outweighs it I guess you would say. Like everybody shares everything; nobody holds anything back which I think is really pretty amazing. You’ve got all these people coming together and it’s like did you try this or have you tried this yet or how did that work out for you. You could test different things and you just learn so much and it’s like, you’re not having to reinvent the wheel for every single thing. You’ve got people that are doing certain things and maybe you want to learn about that and they’re willing to share that with you. It’s just been so great for our business how much it’s grown, but crazy over the last year.

Danny Johnson: So we’ve been to three meetings and we’ve been in this business about 14 years and after every single meeting, I’ve got pages and pages, at least 10 pages of notes of things and actionable things to do. And any one of those things is something that generates more money for our business and takes stuff out of what we were doing and teaches us how to give that to somebody else and have our business run like a real business. Since then, even just over that year of joining, how many people have we hired and now we do have the ability to go somewhere and business still gets done, deals get made and we are out of the equation.

Melissa Johnson: That’s the best part. Oh heck, I was gone the whole month of June practically. I took the kids to Florida for a week and then we came back, we took our older kids to Maui for a week for their graduation and we came back from that then we went to the coast with your dad, the whole entire family went. But it was fantastic.

Danny Johnson: That’s why we’re so tanned.

Melissa Johnson: It was just so great though to know that we have built a great business and an amazing team. I can’t say enough great things about the people that we have working with us. Everybody does their part. We all work hard but you don’t have to worry when you’re gone. And we never had that before. So for us, for 13 years and then being able to take that time off and take some off the burden off was just so incredible. But it still blows my mind that we didn’t do it sooner I guess.

Danny Johnson: Right. It’s one of those things too with each of these meetings, I feel like I’m always reminded of I heard Steve Jobs I guess at Stanford maybe gave a talk for a speech or something for graduation at Stanford for some graduating class. It was this whole speech about connect-the-dots. He had different experiences and the people that really find success and do different things are ones that connect the dots. That’s what I feel like it’s so easy to do at these meetings and then throughout the year even on the Facebook group and stuff like that is you hear things and you hear people talking about things and that just by itself can help you but you might have been doing something differently and it allows you just that idea of just the people, it’s the power of the mastermind, right? So it’s where 1 plus 1 equals more than 2. One plus 1 can equal 4 and then you’ve got all these people and just even greater and it allows you to connect the dots and have these different ideas and even come up with stuff that maybe nobody mentioned but that you wouldn’t have realized had you not heard somebody speaking about something else. It’s all pretty much higher level so it’s not people helping people with just how do you do drive for dollars. It’s here’s a tip on how to do drive for dollars better, like here’s how we cut out this problem or got this better response.

Melissa Johnson: Right. I think you make a good point with that too. It’s definitely more high level. It’s definitely not for a beginner I think because you should already know the basics of how to run your business but I think for me a big takeaway was just like how to hire people and processes because now we actually have, you know, like you were saying before like how you were wearing all the hats and like you wouldn’t know how to show somebody how to do something but we have everything as documented now which we would have never done on our own because we wouldn’t have had to. But now it’s like anyone could come in, we can hire people. There’s a process in place like how to do everything that just makes everything behind the scenes around so much smoother. So I think that higher level thinking like how to actually manage your business, not just how to flip a house but how to manage your processes, how to manage your people, what to do with your money, just all those kind of things. It’s stuff that if you’re going to be in the business long enough you’d need to definitely step up your game and learn that stuff. I think Mastermind helped hugely with that.

Danny Johnson: Right. And it’s all these things that you don’t think about. It’s like how is it each position best paid and motivated, who’s the right personality fit for each position, for lead intake and acquisitions person, and maybe don’t want to grow it to be a big business but I think after growing enough you probably will want to get people to handle all the different aspects of it for you but you don’t have to replace every piece of your business. But it’s all those questions of like how to best pay people and motivate people and everybody in the group has had experience, well not everybody in the group but most of the people in the group have that experience doing those things and you can get that input and then start from that instead of trying to figure it out all yourself and find that maybe if you were going to pay somebody an hourly rate to do acquisitions for you, go out and try to put these houses under contract, they might lose motivation pretty quickly because they’re not making a whole lot of money, right? And it’s just more of like marking stuff off their to-do list and if you pay them by commission, obviously they’re going to go out and work harder to make sure they get these properties under contract because they’re getting rewarded the better they do. I think finding out all those details and then just when questions come up, even if it’s not during the meeting thing, one of the meetings that everybody goes to, you have the Facebook group and then the Voxer, everybody uses that Voxer app on the phone to be able to send messages back and forth and get messages very quickly. It’s been very cool. What are some of the things that you feel like we’ve gotten the most benefit out of as far as what made the biggest difference in some of those first meetings that we went to?

Melissa Johnson: I think it’s just like I was saying, just running the business more efficiently. Like really documenting processes and then just testing different things or testing different things that people are doing to grow our marketing for example, getting our leads up and stuff like that. From my end just because I’m doing so much of that stuff, it’s more of like the team building and the processes I think and just because it’s something that we never did before and I realized how important it was until we started doing it and to just get really clear about things. Maybe that’s the biggest takeaway for me. It’s just we were running around doing all this stuff but there was no clarity that I feel like now I feel like it’s an organized legit business. Really, we’re clear about everything. We’re clear about expectations with employees, with contractors. The documentation for everything is very clear. Our numbers are very clear. Just staying on top of that kind of stuff better because we would look at our numbers like once a year I guess when we would have our corporate meeting which is just me and you. But now, having KPIs, looking at numbers every single week, what’s performing, what isn’t, how many deals do we get, how many leads do we get, how many of those turn into deals.

Danny Johnson: And it’s fun because you got the team and everybody gets excited and we share our wins every week and help people with roadblocks. Everybody’s working towards the same goal and it’s fun. And it’s been exciting, the change of the year. I think that is like you said just that team and the motivation and just driving for the same goals. When you do that, it really forces you. I think a lot of people have general and vague goals and I think for a long time we did too and there was nobody to hold us accountable to make sure we even hit those, so it was never a big deal when those goals just like, whatever, it doesn’t matter. But now the whole team is expecting to help reach those goals and so defining the goals in the first place becomes a lot better. You really figure out what’s realistic and what’s going to be the right goal and then how do we get there and then everybody’s on board with it. I think that alone also has just made a difference in the last year for us. And what’s our goal for this year? I’ve said it several times, I’m sure people know.

Melissa Johnson: 108.

Danny Johnson: 108.

Melissa Johnson: But going back to what you said about accountability, I feel like I missed that point when you asked me that question earlier. But that’s been a big thing too with the mastermind because they do hold you accountable and you do have to get out there and talk about your business. And people see what you’re doing and it makes you realize for setting your goals and for evaluating where you’re at and everything, I think that having those people there, knowing that you’re going to have to go up there and get in the hot seat and talk about your business and show what you’ve been doing is a really good thing to have. It’s good to have people holding you accountable to your business. That and the fact that you get to stand up there too and ask people. After you share everything, it’s like what do you need help with? I think that’s great, just being able to specifically say “I need help with this particular part of my business.” Then just to get all that input from all of those people all over the country that are doing so many great deals, it’s just priceless.

Danny Johnson: Right. Yeah, it’s amazing. Then in this last-minute meeting it even got into things for self-improvement and living a more balanced life and all that kind of stuff and then talks about IRAs and your retirement stuff. I mean, it gets into a lot of different facets of all of this and I think it’s a lot of the points that people need to focus more on but get too busy because we’re all wearing all the hats in the businesses and stuff. I think it was back in October so I guess it was after the first meeting, was when you said to me like let’s split this up because it was about focus. What was your idea back then?

Melissa Johnson: Just after we did our hot seat and everything and talking about it, because everybody wants to hear about the software, that’s the hot thing right now with the few is software. What’s happening with the software? Let’s talk about the software. And so I feel like our hot seat kind of was hijacked by some of that but realizing that we are still running a flipping business also and you were doing both and it was just impossible and so I think for me that was the time – because I remember I was going up to a room later after all that and thinking it through and saying why don’t we split it up. You know way more about software, I don’t know anything about software. You just take that and I’ll take the flipping stuff because that’s what I’ve been involved in since day 1. But I still wasn’t doing everything that you were doing either so I’ve had to learn a lot too. But splitting that focus I think it’s been really good for us.

Danny Johnson: Yeah. So you’ve been running the flipping business and growing that team and I’m just more of a consulting person. We’re in the same office too and still live together of course.

Melissa Johnson: I can delegate. Like I’m not doing all that stuff. I’m not wearing 20 hats.

Danny Johnson: Yeah. What made a big difference too, I think over that last year too if you realize too, I don’t think that we spend as much time at home or with the kids talking about the business as much because it’s kind of taken care of. I don’t feel like we were mentally checking off all the things we got to remember to do anymore because we’re not having to do all of it. So it’s given more of our life back at home and have been in better balance from it. And all that within like a year is just crazy. And we had started trying to grow the team before that after I met with Justin. But I think the mastermind was what helped push it more for because we made the commitment and so we really went crazy and went quickly. The cost of it too, it seemed like at first it didn’t take long and I told Justin too on the phone, I said, “This is a no-brainer but let me talk to Melissa about it and make sure,” and all that kind of stuff. Because if she sees that check go out or whatever and wonders what it’s for, she’s just going to kill me. But really the group even after that first meeting I think was getting more than paid for itself and we’ve made more already because of that, that the return on investment even within that first year has been insane several times over and it’s not just the financial side of it, it’s the time side of it and the learning and the growing and the friendships, like the friendships we’ve made.

Melissa Johnson: Can I just say that the people in that group are amazing. I’ve made some really good friends out of that group and we’ve really gotten to connect with certain people. You’re a super introvert and I’m like some kind of weird combination introvert/extrovert type person. But I remember having anxiety. You remember I was so anxious before that first because I get real nervous in a small setting like that for some reason. Meeting a bunch of people that already knew each other and then I was coming into that and everyone was like, “Oh! The Flipping Junkie.” And I was just like, I don’t know.

Danny Johnson: But what’s the joke now though? The joke now is Flipping Junkie and Danny. Right? So Melissa being that she’s focused on the flipping business is now the real Flipping Junkie, so now you know the inside joke about the real –

Melissa Johnson: Thank you, Jason Pickering.

Danny Johnson: Yeah. Jason, thanks. Yeah, it’s been incredible and those friendships that you build. And we interview a lot of people on the podcast and we know a lot of investors in the top level. But being in that setting we’re either together for 3 days and then for three times a year in a different city and just spending all day, it’s really cool, it’s really awesome.

Melissa Johnson: It’s a lot of fun too.

Danny Johnson: Yeah. We’re always doing fun stuff.

Melissa Johnson: We’re always doing fun things. Justin always has fun things planned. It’s networking and stuff like that too but we have a good time also. It’s a fun work and play kind of situation.

Danny Johnson: This all leads up to this opportunity and I don’t care if people listening feel like it’s promotion because it is – it is a promotion. What it’s done for our business, I would feel bad about not sharing it with everybody. If I just kept it to ourselves and didn’t say hey, this is how you grow your business. So if you feel that way, I’m sorry, I’m still going to be sharing information and stuff like that, but I would feel bad if I didn’t share this with everybody. What I did was he limits the number of people in the group but I said man, there’s so many people that can benefit from this that would be awesome to have in the group listening to the podcast, following the blog, maybe Lead Propeller customers that I would like to be able to help to get into the group. So I’ve been talking with him and he’s very strict about who gets in because obviously it’s keeping it going and everybody getting along and always people providing value and stuff like that with each other. So basically what it boils down to, I’ve been given special permission to take out locations and recommend people. That’s what the opportunity is. So now that I’ve talked to him and worked that out, you can contact me and I can get you an application and then look at that and help recommend you into the group to get you into the group. And so if you’re listening to this and you have an interest and finding out more about the group, obviously you want to and how to apply and to see about getting in. Just email me at [email protected]. Ask as many questions you want about it and I can send you some more information about it in the application for you to check it out. Just so that I’m not getting too many of just the question of how much is it because I’m sure that’s a question everybody asks, per year it’s $25,000 to get into the group and like I said, it’s very well worth it. But just so that I’m not getting a flood of emails asking how much, that’s how much it is. So if you’re a serious investor and you want to go to the next level, email me [email protected] and I’ll send you more information about it and then if you’re interested, you can fill out the application and let’s see what we can do about getting you into the group. I appreciate everybody listening to this and thank you Melissa for joining me on it. I know that we just both got so much out of it. I didn’t want to just have this be an episode with me just talking because with Melissa been running for the last year, the flipping business and growing it, she’s gotten even more than I have out of this group.

Melissa Johnson: It’s been great. Can I just say that the cost to that group, just do one wholesale deal. You want a really good deal to pay for it.

Danny Johnson: Yeah. Recently we were looking at what we’re making on wholesales. It’s crazy. This market is so hot, right? For a lot of places, how many buyers are out there and doing some more wholesaling has been great. But yeah, by all means reach out and we’d like to get some people into the group and grow it and just help all this, connect the dots even more and help each other grow each other’s businesses and build those friendships and personally get to know each of us. And like I said, we’re in the group and we’re going to stay in the group and just really enjoying and seeing it growing. It’s grown quite a bit even over that year. It’s grown at certain lengths and he had I think capped it at a certain point just because it’s keeping it to where it’s still where everybody can be on the hot seat and the way it’s been structured lately, it’s been awesome. So you get the benefit of all the value it gives, the value adds that everybody gives or, what’s it called, the value bombs or whatever.

Melissa Johnson: Yeah.

Danny Johnson: So anyway, that’s it. Thank you so much for listening and thanks again Melissa for talking with me and being on the podcast. She’s a regular now. This is, what, fourth or fifth time?

Melissa Johnson: I don’t know. I’m finally not feeling so weird about it, but it’d probably take a little bit more time.

Danny Johnson: Oh, you’re good. And you’re already going to be on another one. You’re going to be at Jason Peele’s.

Melissa Johnson: Yes, next week.

Danny Johnson: Awesome. All right, everybody. Have a great one.


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