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Free House Flipping Software: Our Top Pick

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Looking for free house flipping software? Here’s our top pick for real estate investing software that is perfect for house flippers and wholesalers! Flip Pilot 2.0: Our Top Pick for Best Free House Flipping Software This free house flipping software is for you even if you aren’t to the point where you are generating many [Read More]

Getting Started Real Estate Investing During a Pandemic

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Just after my divorce, I decided to get back into the real estate investing business. Long-story short, I had been focused on our house flipping software business (FlipPilot.com) and Melissa had been running the investing business for the last several years. I’ve been out of the game for several years and feel like I am [Read More]

Personality/Self Assessment Tests for Real Estate Investors: KNOW THYSELF!

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In my latest podcast episode, (Episode 165: Divorce), I talked about some of the major learning that came from going through those shit storm experiences.  One of those was really looking at how I operate and finding out what work gives me energy and what work drains my energy. You’ve likely heard of them…Personality tests, [Read More]


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I truly believe trying to build businesses that work without me was not good for me.  It created a belief that to work takes me away from my family and was something to be avoided.  It was like I became frantic about setting things up so that I didn’t have to work.  Which only dug [Read More]

Flipping Small Spaces: Our Condo Rehab

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Hey Flipping Junkies! Melissa again, here with another rehab article. This property is a little different from what we typically do. Condos are so small, so I thought this would be a good opportunity to talk about flipping small spaces. But first don’t forget to join the FlippingJunkie Group on FaceBook to become a part of [Read More]

House Flipping Inventory: IKEA Shopping Spree!

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Welcome back, everyone! Melissa here. We’re going to be doing something a little different with this article. Instead of showing you a before and after of one of our properties, we’re going to take a look at what I do to stock my house flipping inventory. We talk about this sort of thing a lot [Read More]

Open Floor Plan Rehab Before & After

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Hey everyone! Melissa here back with another before and after. This one is all about the best way to work with an open floor plan rehab. Well, the best way to open up a floor plan, that is. This house was super outdated. We’ll talk about that further down. But first, have you guys seen [Read More]

Flipping Houses on a Budget: The $15k Rehab

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Hey everybody! Melissa here, back with another before and after blog post. This one is all about flipping houses on a dime. We’re going to walk through this rehab that only cost us $15k in repairs! Ok, ok, the intro is a little misleading. To be honest, this house was already in really good shape, [Read More]

Rehab Punch List – Getting Ready for Market

Danny Johnson / 2 comments

Hi everybody! Melissa here again, with another rehabbed property. In this article, we’re going to be talking about my rehab punch list for one of our properties, and how to make sure your properties are ready for the market. First, have you joined our private FlippingJunkie facebook group? Come network with us! Breaking Down Prices [Read More]

House Flipping Scope of Work: The Cat Poop House

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Welcome back, everyone! Melissa here with another story from our real estate investing business. This one won’t focus so much on the before and after (even though we’ll still show those pictures). Instead, we’re going to look at the scope of work with this house, and the insane shape it was in when we first [Read More]

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