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Online Lead Generation Part 2: Website Promotion

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This post originally appeared on LeadPropeller’s blog here: Online Lead Generation For Real Estate Investors Part 2: Website Promotion This week we will be talking about website promotion for your real estate investing website. Last week we started our talk about generating motivated seller leads online. Online is where I get the majority of my [Read More]

Online Lead Generation Part 1: High Converting Websites

Danny Johnson / 2 comments

This post originally appeared on LeadPropeller’s blog here: Online Lead Generation For Real Estate Investors Part 1: High-Converting Websites Having a high converting website is the best way to get business as a real estate investor. How can a business survive if it isn’t generating leads? The answer is simple: it can’t. Years and years of [Read More]

40 Best Real Estate Investing Blogs and Podcasts

Danny Johnson / 18 comments

Blogs are the new magazines. Podcasts are the new talk radio. So, what is so great about them? For real estate investors and entrepreneurs with visions of success through investing, they are the most practical way to get valuable information from experts. These venues are popular for a reason. They offer an easy, interactive way [Read More]

Want a Peek “Behind the Scenes” of our Business?

Melissa Johnson / 23 comments

Have you ever wondered how the everyday life of a real estate investor looks? Not the glamorous, staged drama that you can see on TV but the real behind the scenes stuff…. Danny and I spend a lot of time talking about Flipping Junkie and what you guys would like to see. So every week [Read More]

How 11 Expert Investors Would Spend $500 and $5,000 Per Month To Get Motivated Seller Leads

Danny Johnson / 39 comments

updated 6/26/2016 to include what we do with our marketing I got a wild hair and decided to ask 11 investors (actually I asked more than 11, but these 11 that responded are the coolest and most knowledgeable…by far) how they would spend $500 per month on marketing and also how that would change if [Read More]

If I had to start my flipping houses business all over again from scratch (without much money), this is what I would do

Danny Johnson / 55 comments

So many people ask me how to become a real estate investor. It’s a common question because it’s sort of hard to find a detailed answer. Well… today’s post fits the bill and approaches the answer to this question in the perfect way. Recently, I did an interview where I was asked what I would [Read More]

Do real estate investors really need systems for their motivated seller leads?

Danny Johnson / 21 comments

In this post I’m going to tell you about the importance of having a system for keeping track of your leads and how doing so allowed me to buy a house that I had been trying to buy for over 8 years! Do you have a stack of listings and other leads printed out and [Read More]

How To Setup Your Own Real Estate Investor Website Within 30 Minutes

Danny Johnson / 34 comments

This post is about how to set up your very own real estate investor website and tips for how to get traffic to that website. Why You Need A House Buying Website If you have been flipping houses, or even just learning about flipping houses for a while, you know that finding the deals is [Read More]

dominate at wholesaling real estate

How to Dominate Wholesaling Houses in Your Area – Plus Some Myth Busting

Danny Johnson / 17 comments

There will be some wholesaling houses myth-busting in this post as it’s something I’ve been wanting to set straight for a long time. I’m calling out some investors and it’s due time. If you’re thinking about getting started flipping houses and are trying to figure out how to get started with little to no working [Read More]

selling your flips faster

5 Tips To Sell Your Rehabbed House Quickly So That You Can Put More Money In Your Pocket

Danny Johnson / 27 comments

This post is from my super awesome wife, Melissa. I handle the marketing, buying and rehabbing. She handles EVERYTHING else regarding the business… which includes the most important thing, selling the houses after they are fixed up. She wanted to share some of her best tips in the getting our houses sold super fast and [Read More]

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