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5 hour house flipping

Guest Post: 5 Tips to Create a 5 Hour Work Week with your House Flipping Business!

Danny Johnson / 21 comments

This is a guest post by my good friend, Justin Williams. In October of 2010 I decided I was going to start building a rental portfolio to help me create a passive income that would eventually be higher than my monthly expenses and thus allow me and my family to “Get out of the rat [Read More]

flipping houses after bankruptcy

Guest Post: How a Successful Real Estate Investor Bounced Back From Bankruptcy

Danny Johnson / 17 comments

This post is a guest post from Nick Ruiz. So here is my story wrapped up in nutshell… I started to buy and sell properties when I was 19 years old and built a multi-million dollar net worth by my mid 20s with almost 70 properties. I flipped, wholesaled, and held lots of properties. I [Read More]

dodd-frank owner financing new law

Dodd-Frank Doomsday Prep

Danny Johnson / 10 comments

Dodd-Frank – Does it affect you? There has been a lot of doomsday talk from real estate investors about this scary new legislation known as the Dodd-Frank Act (shortened from: Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act). First and foremost, if you do not deal with owner-financing, you don’t need to worry about it. [Read More]

5 Super Cheap Ways To Attract The Deals

Danny Johnson / 8 comments

The deals are out there in abundance. They really are. Boat loads of them. I’ve seen a lot of new investors do just a little marketing and throw their hands up and exclaim, “THIS DOESN’T WORK! Why would anyone want to sell their house at such a big discount?” There are hundreds of reasons, but [Read More]

flipping houses your fault

Things Aren’t Going Well and It’s Your Fault

Danny Johnson / 21 comments

Things aren’t going so hot and it’s your fault. You don’t want to think it’s your fault, but the vast majority of the time, it is. Why aren’t you changing the way I want you to? Seems strange to say…maybe. There’s a very profound notion that we cannot change other people, we can only change [Read More]

Flying and Flipping Houses

3 Commandments of Flying Applied to Flipping

Danny Johnson / 35 comments

For those of you that don’t already know about my story of why I started this house flipping blog, it involves my taking flying lessons and becoming a private pilot. With flying, as with everything else, I am always learning. We will never know everything about everything. There is always something to be learned, and [Read More]

we buy houses marketing fail

5 Reasons Your Motivated Seller Marketing Is Not Working

Danny Johnson / 19 comments

Maybe (hopefully) you’ve started doing some marketing to potentially motivated sellers to see if they would like to sell their house. As I’ve mentioned before, this is one of the best ways to get real estate investment deals that nobody else knows about. And what’s great about that? I’m glad you asked. Without much competition [Read More]

Real Estate Investing Roadmap

FREE Real Estate Investing Roadmap

Danny Johnson / 4 comments

Want a roadmap that covers what is necessary to flip houses? Now you can. Download it here This thing is awesome! I’ve never seen something quite like this that breaks down what all is involved with flipping houses. Some of the things broken out are: Marketing Getting Leads Building Your Team Determining Your Farm Area [Read More]

how to determine repair costs for a flip

How To Determine Repair Costs For House Flips Like A Pro

Danny Johnson / 25 comments

So many people struggle with knowing what the repairs a house will need should cost. This is a very important topic because if you don’t estimate your repair costs accurately, you could end up losing thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars on your flip. Don’t do that. I think we’d all agree it’s [Read More]

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