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Flipping Junkie Is Back!

Danny Johnson / 72 comments

It’s good to be back.

After a good break from the site, I’ve decided to come full circle and continue the blog. Melissa and I have talked a lot about it and have come to the conclusion that I just did not give the blog enough of a chance. When I decided to shut it down, I was just too overwhelmed with everything and wanted to simplify my life a little.

In the beginning, it was a great motivator and allowed me to have all of you hold me accountable to stay on track to build our business back up to our previous level. That was a positive goal and the blog really did help me to work towards that. The coming of my son was not a part of that and took priority. Knowing that more time was going to be needed to attend to all that comes with a newborn, it felt like we were holding back and hesitant to commit to too much.

I just didn’t want to get too busy and I felt like the blog was becoming too much work and was the easiest thing to cut out.

Sometimes I miss it though. It was a great way for me to organize my thoughts and connect with other investors. A lot of you have been expressing how much you enjoyed it and wish it were still active. That has caused me to really consider whether to bring it back.

And that’s what I’ve decided to do!

I’m just going to have fun with it and write about what I want to write about, when I want to write about it. For now at least, there won’t be a set schedule but I hope to post regularly.

I’ve also been working on something that I am very excited to be developing that will be of tremendous benefit to all investors. Sorry, but it will remain somewhat under wraps for now. Subscribers to the blog (you can subscribe for free) know what I’m talking about and I hope they will keep it out of the comments for now.

Lately, I’ve been reading some really good books that have provided a lot of motivation that I would like to share with everyone. Maybe we can have a sort of book club where we can all read the same book. My next post will be about a book that I am reading right now that is really motivating me. It’s amazing how a book can help ignite the flame of burning desire to get things done and improve your life.

We just got back from vacation. AirVenture 2012 was awesome. Yes, the family agreed to go and see another week long airshow again this year. I’m so lucky that they indulge my interests so much. 🙂

We rented a lake house for the week and so they were able to go swimming every day and we all had a great time. What was especially nice was that my Dad was able to come along and spend the week with us. Some of the airshow performers practiced every morning over the lake where the house was so we got an aerobatic show every morning.

I’m sure a lot of you are wondering what we have been doing investing wise. Well, we’re still doing retail and wholesale flips mostly. I’m still selling leads to properties I’m not interested in to other investors. Nothing really new or ground breaking. Just consistency. That after all, is the true secret to success.

Don’t worry. There will be more how-to and ideas posts.

Thank you all for visiting the blog.
You say, “I want to sell my house fast.”
I say, “We buy houses for cash, in San Antonio.”

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72 awesome responses to “Flipping Junkie Is Back!”

  1. Daniel on

    What a treat to see you back on Danny! I look forward to reading your blog again

  2. Robin Grimes on

    Welcome back Danny. I’m so glad you decided to write again. I really enjoy your post. Thanks for writing them.

  3. christian on

    Glad the blog is back!!!!

  4. Brian on

    Awesome! Glad you’re back!

  5. cliff on

    awesome danny! so glad this is back up and running. interested in your book list….

  6. Jay Palmquist on

    Hey, great to hear from you again, and glad to see your blog is back up. It’s so full of great information, that’s available nowhere else. Looking forward to more inspiration and information…!

  7. Stephen on

    Welcome back, I used to read your stuff way back when this was just a hobby. But now that I’ve actually started putting in work, it’s good to see this blog back in effect. Can’t wait to see what you’ ll share next. Many blessings to you and yours, and again welcome back….

  8. Robert Powell on

    I am greatly exited that you are back. I have just recently decided to re-vitalize my REI business and I came across your blog. I have been religiously reading and learning from all your previous post.
    I signed up as a member but never received anything from you including the 7 craziest stories. I figured you just got to busy and shut it all down. I had somewhat adopted your blog as my virtual mentor.
    I know I am rambling on ,but I am just excited to see your are back.
    Thanks in advance for all you do.

  9. John Mohr on

    Right on! It’s great to see you doing this blog again Danny. I really saw something different about this blog in that your ‘how to’ encouraged me to see that what I’m trying to do really does work. I must admit, I still working toward my first deal – but, I know that reading your blog will certianly help me out. Welcome back Danny.

  10. Gary Brink on

    Well so cool, am in head first, am am enjoying it, cool to be part of your network, “you said, if you can’t enjoy it, don’t do it for while, if it was meant to be, it will return…Joy is amazing, keep it that way, no pressure…..


  11. Mark on

    WELCOME BACK Danny~!!
    Interested in knowing how your awesome “idea” is doing.
    Any updates on it?

  12. Erby on

    This is one of those blogs that are considered valuable. Glad you are back.

  13. Tony on

    The infomation you have provided in the past has been excellent. I have started and flipped three houses since March. The worksheets and ideas from everyone is very valuable. Glad to see you back.

  14. Michael on

    Welcome back Danny,
    your page has been a huge benefit to my organisation! Can’t wait to see what else you have planned

  15. Bill hall on

    Wsbsite will be changing soon.

    Glad to see you back. I am back myself. I tried to get a 9 to 5 job, but after years of not having a boss it didnt work out so I am back trying to figure out how to make a living in a new business. I retired from financial services and lost my life savings in software….Ok, lets keep it positive. I am glad you are back. I need all the help I can get. So many people are selling their real estate courses and you really have to carefull not to buy the rip offs. I would like some feed back on how to make get leads for wholesaling.


  16. Don on

    Good to see you back. I know the blog takes a lot of time. I have not updated my blog in almost 3 months. Since then I have bought 2 more houses and completed a rehab.

    Today I will close on the sale of my first flip. I’ll make over $40k profit on the deal. My blog described the purchase of this house:

    I had one deal to sale that fell through. Then I stopped updating the blog. Hopefully, your return will motivate me to get back to blogging – just been so busy with family and JOB.

    Good to see you back!

  17. Tom Tarrant on

    Cool Danny, that’s great that you hit the switch! Don’t worry about having to post too much or having to give specific info and updates. Its good to let the readers read between the lines a little, plus raw data can get boring for anyone, even REI Junkies!. It took me a while to also realize, You own the blog, the blog doesn’t own you.

  18. john moore on

    great to have you back! I really enjoy reading your posts – very informative and you have a gift of writing that easily relates with many people. looking forward to more…

    1. John Moore on

      Good to have you up and running.

  19. Michael Pilarski on

    Danny this is awesome news! I’m really looking forward to you writing and posting again. I’ve learned a great deal from you and your site. Between Your blog and the BiggerPockets site. I keep learning and will eventually get a deal done (wife says we have to pay off our (read her) debt before we get into REI). Can’t wait to find out about this life changing book. Welcome back Danny!

  20. Pat on

    Glad you are back. It sounds like the blog was a successful action for you to organize your thoughts. I knew the newborn was going to change your life as it does everybodies. 🙂 I love your posts so glad to hear you are back!

  21. Jessica on

    Yay! Welcome back. ^.^

  22. Biggin on


    Look forward to it.

    Congrats on the baby. I’m 42 and my youngest of five children just turned 18 and is getting into the flip business with me.

  23. Laura B. on

    Hi Danny. Welcome back.

  24. Lucky on

    Just couldn’t stay away could you. We are magnetic group. Glad you are back.

  25. bilgefisher on


    You have done better than most of us bringing the blog back. Mine is still on hiatus after the birth of my son. In my opinion you have your priorities in line. Welcome back to your blog.


  26. Charlie on

    Great news, Danny! Welcome back.

    Looking forward to hearing about your journey and successes. You provide a lot of inspiration to many of us.

  27. Conley on

    Glad you are back looking forward to your blog and your successes.

  28. Mike W. on

    Glad to see you’re back, “D”. We all understand how life can get a little overwhelming but, as you can see your presence was extremely, considerably, and profoundly missed!! i didn’t comment to all of your blog inputs however, I did read each and everyone of them. Glad to hear the family is doing well and don’t forget to “Aim High”.

  29. Roshard on

    Danny welcome back. Lucky for me I have you on Facebook but I tried not to bother you too much. It’s good that we are all together picking each others brains, (Mastermind alliance). My favorite books to read, (I read like a bandit) is Think a grow Rich, (Napoleon Hill). That is not a book to be read but studied and applied. Flip (By Rick Villani) is a great flipping book in my opinion. I’m excited to find out what other good books are out there so we can compare notes.

    PS. Danny what are you flying these days? And again welcome back!

  30. Burke on

    Glad to see you back Danny! Like the many other posts, I enjoy your blog!

  31. Gary Parker on

    It is great your blog is back. I hope to see some intermediate content such as using systems to simplify this business. What ever you decide to write about it should be great.

  32. Shane on

    Guess I should have looked here before commenting in the other post 🙂

    I really did miss the “We’re back” email. Too weird. I’m excited. Posted about it on BP. Now that I realize I’m 2 weeks late…I’m probably not the first to…but I was excited and didn’t care 🙂

    Ok I’m done being obnoxious. Glad to have you back on my daily web digest 🙂

  33. Scott Grimm on

    I just found your website, and I have to say it’s a great resource. I’m a MEI, CFII, ATP and it’s too bad you’re not in the Denver area. I’d love to trade some free flight instruction for mentoring.

  34. ANDREW on

    Hey Danny my name is Andrew
    I met u once about five years ago at
    A Whataburger in San Antonio and there’s
    A great story I need to tell you
    about that day. If there’s anyway I can speak
    With u in person r the over the phone that would
    Be great .