Flipping Junkie Podcast Coming Soon…I NEED YOUR INPUT!

Danny Johnson / 47 comments
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Yes! Finally, a podcast for Flipping Junkie!

I need your help in deciding on the format you want, who to interview first and what you want to hear about. Please fill out the survey below to help make this the best real estate investing podcast. (be sure to scroll to bottom and click ‘Done’)

I really appreciate your input.

If the form is not displaying above, please click this link to take the survey: take the survey

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47 awesome responses to “Flipping Junkie Podcast Coming Soon…I NEED YOUR INPUT!”

  1. Don Wilson on

    We are beginning a new business. And fear is a big problem. We are working on identifying buyers first so we have an exit strategy for the deals we will eventually find.

  2. Charlie on

    Where is the survey?

  3. David on

    Im sure whatever you put out will be great Dany

  4. tom ward on

    love to read all of your information

  5. Todd Hayes on

    People that are actually doing deals today… Not in 2008, not the gurus who are sales people dressed in real estate speak…

    I active in the market and doing deals regularly as well as holding down a full time job. If I leave my employer a lot of my loan capacity goes away… I’m not in a position to do this with all my cash. I’d like to scale and have 2-3 homes going at the same time. How do I get there?

    How do I find real good below market deals? This is my biggest hurdle. Most of the wholesalers in Houston take the meat off the bone and leave very little to nibble on for the guy that takes most of the risk and a limited upside… If I had them the money would flow to me to turn them…


  6. Douglas on

    Hard money versus private money
    Costs estimates

  7. Charles McGary on

    The most important thing when buying Is the neighbor hood. A bad neighbor hood will guarantee failure. A great web site to use is city-data.com. I also use google map

  8. Francisco Macias on

    If you could, could you put out a podcast on all the fees required that go into building a new home, aside from the actual construction costs, from city/school taxes, Building fees, utility connection fees, etc?
    I thought building was the way to go but after hearing about all the misc fees, might not make sense anymore, thanks.

  9. Valerie on

    My first flip, a total fiasco, went wrong because I was intimidated by property managers and contractors who knew best……..how to rip me off.

    1. Valerie on

      I won’t be intimidated again and the more educated I am, the easier that will be. I thought I knew enough but even keeping records of improvements that haven’t been under my control has proved almost impossible and my record keeping is in shambles. It’s very difficult to compare projected cost to actual, especially when all borrowed funds go directly to the property manager. Is that really common practise? Or is it just for out of towners?
      Now on my fourth property manager (construction on the triplex is still not complete after 15 months), all I want to do is get out and start from scratch. I’m lucky prices have risen to cover most of my losses.
      I’m looking forward to the podcast(s) and interested to see what subjects will be covered.

  10. James Palin on

    Looking forward to the podcast!! I have been mostly focused on fix and flip. However, a topic I have been thinking about is moving into buy and hold. First by purchasing and rehabbing a property using private or hard money and then being able to move that property into a conventional or portfolio lender.

  11. Russell on

    Some conversations that would interest me: Your perspective on the huge influx of “newbies” into the industry.

    How your business and goals have evolved and what’s on your horizon.

    Your philosophy of talking to callers.

    Your thoughts on carrying the paper now with the new regs. Maybe you could get Mitch Stephens on there.

    Internet marketing vs DM.

    BUT the most interesting conversations are always the war stories. Like Jack Miller’s “Wheeler Dealer” just one story after another is what I could listen to for days.

    Looking forward to it!

  12. Mike Roach on

    Websites/direct mail and other marketing strategies

  13. George Cerda on

    Go for it, Danny, my first wholesale was a double closing. Because of my building experience finding the homes or estimating the repairs, repairing the homes, location etc was no problem the fear was in the legal parts of the business, the contracts, bandit signs, contracts, contracts, you get point. Thanks Dan

  14. Bret Hobbins on

    I am going to finish an Intro to Real Estate class soon and would like help deciding which to do first: create an LLC, create a Website and for motivated sellers, or find private investors?



  15. lloyd stowers on

    looking forward to your podcast

  16. James on

    Keen to hear about house flipping success criterior

  17. Lee on

    First, you could use some help on your website capabilities, like this questionnaire as an example, which looks like it might be created with Drupal?

    I’d like to hear more about several things. Here’s an incomplete list;
    1 – Acquiring finances to purchase/remodel?
    2 – Finding trustworthy and competent contractors in various trades (flooring, painting, cabinets, etc, etc)?
    3 – Estimating cost of refurb.?
    4 – What a novice “handyman” can/should do myself, vs what should be farmed out to pros?
    5 – What rehab is good-enough, vs what’s overkill or under “nice”?
    6 – What repairs, remodels, niceties are worth the expense, vs what won’t pay for itself and a waste of money/time/effort?
    7 – Finding qualified (real) buyers – is a real estate agent worth their commission, advertising, showing – the whole process of “selling”.

    Let me give you a summary; The nuts and bolts for the early/newbie house flipper, start to finish – in layman’s terms and DOABLE – not “pie in the sky” perfect scenarios.


  18. Douglas Haisten on

    I really like the content and format of your instructional videos and your blog. These are really presented well for those just starting out.

  19. Sherry on

    Good luck with the new podcast!

  20. Larry Copling on

    I became a huge fan of your email list, because you dared to do something that almost NO ONE does- provide SPECIFIC information (what worked / what didn’t, before / after photos, marketing efforts, etc.)!

  21. Marcial on

    I think that the podcast is just a great I deal on your site

  22. Sarah on

    Just be sure to get a high quality mic … nothing wrecks a podcast from the start like crap sound … good luck on this, will be listening!