Follow Along As I Open Up My House Flipping Business

Danny Johnson / 47 comments

This is not an easy thing for me to do.  I am really putting myself out there by doing this.

For reasons explained in the video on the right side of this page, I am turning all of my attention to reinvigorating my real estate investing business and letting everyone in on it. (No, I am not “locking myself and 5 other investors in a hotel room in Chicago for 3 days” – Is it just me, or do all the “gurus” use this?)

This is a great opportunity to see how a successful real estate investing business operates.  At the same time, you guys will be holding me accountable to get things done.  To actually get my butt back in gear.

In the following months, I am going to try to document, on this blog:

  • My Marketing
  • Analysis of Leads
  • Which Leads I Schedule to See and Why
  • Offers I Make
  • Houses I Put Under Contract
  • The Rehab Process
  • The Sale Process
  • The Final Flip Analysis With Detailed Deal Numbers

Thanks for your interest and I’m glad you found the blog. Invite your friends that are interested in real estate investing.  I really would like to get your feedback and ideas as I work to bring my business back to the level it was at last year and to surpass it.


Bonus: Click Here to Download My Top 5 Motivated Seller Marketing Methods Guide pdf that will show you, in awesome detail how to use 5 different marketing methods to generate great leads consistently.

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47 awesome responses to “Follow Along As I Open Up My House Flipping Business”

  1. Tamara Pickens on

    Hi Danny!

    I just found your blog and im looking forward to following your journey as Im a newbie investor who is just trying to build her pipeline as well.

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  6. Christian on

    Hey Danny,

    Found your blog, I’m definitely interested in learning this business. Especially wholesaling to start off with. Do you recommend any good courses that helped you get started?


  7. Christian on


    Yeap, I actually own it I’ve had it for quite sometime. Looks like ill be digging through it now. I’m actually located in San Diego, I’ve heard things are tough here…Either way I’m going to follow your marketing methods.

  8. Mathew on

    I read your 7 crazy real estate stories. Hilarious, yet offered some good lessons. Not negotiating with the woman of unsound mind showed good ethics, but did you worry that an unscrupulous investor would come around and take advantage of her?

  9. Arthur Garcia on

    Danny, I am looking forward to tracking your work. I too invest in property, I am Buy and Hold guy (I have a full-time gig), but I love learning and reading about real estate. It will be good to see real life examples – most REI books always have hypothetical examples. I’d love to interview you and learn about your story on my podcast sometime.

    take care!


  10. Bruce Hunter on

    Thanks Danny,
    You are helping change my life in a big way, am in my 60!s now and can!t afford to retire, so, this is what my son, Courtney, and my soon Bride, Janice, need to do , to have a better life, for all of us.
    Thanks for the detail of what to bring with you , and not to forget, but most of all to be personable with the Home Owners, listen to them, really listen, and try to help them, and it will help you too, what great advice!!!!
    Thanks, Bruce, Janice, and Courtney Hunter

  11. Dave on

    Danny, we just found your site and are beginning investors ourselves! I hope to learn from you as I follow your blog! Thank you so much for doing this! I have done a few dfeals in Florida,however am now in the mountains of Colorado! Denver is a huge market for us! Again, thank you, sincerely Dave!

  12. Enrique on

    Thank You Danny !!!

    I just found your site and ready to catch up the last weeks of action. I am also a newbie and ready to take action…thanks again for your valuable information.

    Best Regards,
    Enrique Silva
    Tampa, Fl

  13. Shae Bynes on

    Really love what you’re doing here on the blog, Danny! Looks and sounds like you’re well on your way to getting your business back where you want it to be. Awesome stuff. Have a great weekend!

  14. Paul on

    Good Stuff Danny! I actually found your blog a while back but didn’t get a change to read it until now … I’m so busy with working the deal (I do mostly short sales) that it’s difficult to find time to read and post on blog. I’m sure I can learn alot from you. Looking forward to catching up.

  15. Kevin on

    Hi Danny,

    Not only is this a great idea, it is a rare opportunity for investors just starting out to see step by step from a successful investor at no cost. I firmly believe that there are many obstacles in life that will try to push you down but if you are strong and determined there are paths to get around those obstacles. Thanks for providing a path Danny!

  16. Rene on

    Hi Danny, got your blog from a fellow investor. I look forward in reading from your post with information that will help me. I’m a newbie in this game trying to learn what I can from successful seasoned investors like your self keep up the awesome job.