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Free House Flipping Software: Our Top Pick

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Looking for free house flipping software? Here’s our top pick for real estate investing software that is perfect for house flippers and wholesalers!


Flip Pilot 2.0: Our Top Pick for Best Free House Flipping Software

This free house flipping software is for you even if you aren’t to the point where you are generating many leads.  Even if you’re just getting started.  I would have killed to have this system when I was getting started flipping houses.

Are you not sure you’re spending your time as efficiently as you could be each day?

Do you feel unorganized and worry that leads/deals are slipping through the cracks?

Is the stress caused by disorganization taking all the fun out of it?

That’s most real estate investors!!!!

You’re in good company.  I’ve been through this myself.

If you’re new to the blog here are some facts about my journey through this amazing industry.

  • Started flipping houses in 2003
  • Scraped through the crash of 2008 by being creative and doing owner financing
  • Started building a team around 2012
  • Attempted to do 100 deals in a year…not good…my lifestyle suffered
  • Have done over 600 deals

The thing is, if you go back and read the 34 weeks of posts where I showed how I generated 495 leads (and the details about each and every one of them…I know it’s AWESOME!!!), you’ll see I only did 11 deals from those leads. (click here to read about this amazing weekly house flipping blog of all the marketing I did, and all the leads that came in and deals I did from those leads)

That’s horrible!

I didn’t have house flipping software, let alone free house flipping software, to help me stay organized.  I had software, but it wasn’t built to keep me accountable and efficient. It didn’t focus on how I was running my business.  It didn’t ensure that no lead was left behind or that no lead would ever not slip through the cracks!

Over the years, I’ve learned that it’s so very important to have workflows (think pipeline) mapped out for how you handle the leads and deals you do.  These workflows should include the processes you use (think checklists) as a lead or deal goes through your workflow.

I had processes written out…but they were tucked away in a binder and buried 10 folders deep on my computer…I wasn’t using them!

That’s why we built FlipPilot and why we love it so much.  This software for house flippers and wholesalers allows you to setup your workflow and processes VISUALLY!  

You can actually SEE what your workflow is and which leads and deals are where within your workflow (pipeline) in real time!!

Yeah…freakin’ awesome!

There’s nothing else like it!

How FlipPilot Works

I think this graphic says more than 1000 words to help describe what FlipPilot does and how this free house flipping software stands head and shoulders above other software:


Basically, when I posted about the 34 weeks and 495 leads my business (which is a book you now can get on Amazon -> Click here to get the house flipping book) was represented by the top part of the above image.  Turning out doodoo!

I had a horrible lead to deal conversion ratio!  11 deals from 495 leads! That sucks!

With FlipPilot, I’m organized and actually using my workflow and process (as well as the automation for keeping me very consistent with my follow up!).

A business setup with the proper processes can expect to do much better with their lead to deal conversion ratio.  We’re talking getting it dialed in to the point where it’s not uncommon to turn 1 out of every 5 leads into a deal!

How’s that for awesome sauce?

You can work towards that goal by building out your business as a machine.

Build Our Your House Flipping Machine Using Software

Here’s how to learn how to do that:

We did a Zoom call recently where I showed the 3 Simple Steps to Building your Real Estate Investing Machine as well as a demo of how I used FlipPilot to set it up. >>>   Click here to watch the video replay. You’ll be glad you did.  Even if you are new to real estate investing, house flipping, wholesaling, you owe yourself the favor of knowing how to setup your business properly from the start.  This will allow you to maximize the number deals you generate from each lead you get!

Oh…did I mention: In the replay video, you can find out how to get FlipPilot 2.0 house flipping software for FREE!

Click here to watch the replay and get free house flipping software


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