Free Real Estate Investment Analysis and Lead Management Software

FREE Real Estate Investment Lead Manager Now Available

Danny Johnson / 12 comments

The Free Lead Manager web application is finally available. The lead manager allows you to keep track of all your property leads and deal analysis information (wholesale and retail flip analysis available. Sorry, but rental analysis will be released in the future.)

The analysis is completely different than any other system that I’ve seen in that it allows you to easily and quickly see how changes in holding time and changes in purchase price affect your profit. You can also set up automatic follow up reminders to help you to remember to call those sellers that your competition is forgetting all about. Time will increase motivation for a lot of sellers and you want to be fresh in their mind when it does.

I set up a separate page for information on the lead manager. It has all the details about what the lead manager does as well as several videos that you can watch to see how it works. Check it out here:

Flipping Junkie Lead Manager

If you like the tool, please share it with the facebook, twitter, etc. buttons on that page. I put A LOT of hours into writing the code for this thing, as my wife can attest (sorry, Melissa).


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12 awesome responses to “FREE Real Estate Investment Lead Manager Now Available”

  1. Brooks on

    Danny, thanks for your hard work on this. It’s slick and works well. I’ve also sent you an idea via e-mail that may be a good compliment to this. Thanks Sir.

  2. Nathan Malka on


    Thanks for your all hard work,
    Can you tell me what is the cost of wholesale and retail flip analysis.


  3. Stephen on

    Hey Danny, thanks for your replys to my questions so far. I have been checking out your lead manager more closely lately. I downloaded it a while ago but since I am getting started now, I am going through it more closely and ready to use it. Now before, you told me that you only really use your buying website because you have a realtor list your houses to sell. Does that mean that you do not focus so much on finding buyers and just on getting deals. A lot of people out there on the web say that you should start building buyers first. I like the way that you are building your business and the fact that you guys are sharing almost every detail. I like the set up of your buying website and when I get mine together, I will forward it to you so you can check it out. I just feel that since I am now chomping at the bit to get going, Im not sure where to start. Should I just focus on a buying site and business cards to get the deals? Also how did you set up your buying site? Did you build it yourself, and how, and where do you host it? Hostgator would not let me use their hosting because I had the word investing in the domain name, weird. Thanks man

  4. Bailey on

    I attended a seminar held by a “guru” who had a “full-fledged system” for REIs. I struggled with them to get customer service to get things going and spend 4 figures to end up on my own. Thanks.

  5. Bailey on

    …hit enter a bit too soon…
    We had no way of getting the leads out of his system. In fact; the fine print basically said everything entered was his and belonged to him and his company. I see a number of investors following his template for ads/bandits, and I presume websites. I had to take a deep breath and remember there’s abundance out there, and enough for everyone.

    (spent, not spend)

    1. Scott Costello on


      I can assure you that Danny will not do that with your data. He’s a stand up guy just offering a free tool to help others out.

      Hope you are doing well.