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Frustration House For Sale – After Pictures

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The Frustration House rehab is now complete, staged and on the market for $175,000.

The Rehab Numbers

Definitely over budget on the rehab. I had not intended on installing the tile but am glad that we did.

Rehab Scope of Work: $5,500
AC Repair: $535
Rehab Extras: $1,611.50 (mostly installing tile)
Moving Staging: $245
Lawn Care: $45
Tile: $1,087.80
Carpet: $1,850 (replaced all carpet)
Make Ready: $250
Total: $11,124.30

After Pictures


Comments (13)

  • Wade Welsh

    Gorgeous! I love the tile in the entry way and the staging.

    • Danny Johnson

      Thanks, Wade. My wife and our Realtor have done a great job again with the staging. 🙂

  • Erby

    Thats a no brainer. This should sell pretty quickly. Great work Danny!

    • Danny Johnson

      Thanks, Erby! I hope so.

  • Matt K

    Looks real nice Danny!!

    • Danny Johnson

      Thanks, Matt.

  • Matt Bennett

    Great job can’t wait to see the next one!

    • Danny Johnson


  • Mike W.

    What a talented family and team. The house looks outstanding. I agree with Erby, this home will sale quickly!!

    • Danny Johnson

      Thanks, Mike. I sure hope it does also. Hopefully, we will get a conventional or cash offer soon.

  • Shane

    Howdy, just another how did this one come out question? Numbers perhaps?

  • Dave goetz

    I love the difference. The furniture is a good choice. I feel investing in furniture to display the unit my bring in a higher selling price. Is it worth the investment?

  • Eugene Hammitt

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