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8 awesome responses to “Guest Post: Branding Your Real Estate Investing Business”

  1. Ralph on

    Nice post. It brought back memories from my marketing class. You talked about Mercedes and the expensive guy and I’d like to ask you and Danny about what your thoughts are about what types of vehicles and dress code buyers (real estate investors) use and wear when initially meeting a seller. I recently had a landscaper come out and give me an estimate. He pulled up in a newer model Ford F-450 King Ranch and nicely dressed (to be a landscaper). This truck is easily over 60K and when I saw that, I must admit I got a little on edge. I immediately thought that his “free estimate” was going to be sky high and sure enough it was. Even if it was a competitive quote, I probably still would have went with someone else. I know first impressions are everything, so do you guys think it is possible to loose deals because of being the expensive guy? It was for the landscaper:) On the other hand, I would think that some could be a little skeptical also if a person (the buyer) is driving a 1993 Chevy Cavalier wearing a t-shirt and gym shorts. Kinda sounds like I answered my own question but I’d still like to hear your thoughts..

  2. Tim Davids on

    Good advise on getting your personal name domain name.

    I think a good ole polo shirt with nice embroidery satisfies most circumstances. Don’t over dress or under dress. The company polo covers the majority of situations.

    If you don’t use a company name the embroider your name on it. TimDavids.com or something like that.

  3. No Nonsense Landlord on

    Being consistent, is very important. Having a unique logo, name or tag-line, helps people remember you. Dying your hair purple might differentiate you , but you still must be professional…

  4. Laura Ludwig on

    You have a very informative article. Keep up the good work!