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House Flipping Inventory: IKEA Shopping Spree!

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Welcome back, everyone! Melissa here. We’re going to be doing something a little different with this article. Instead of showing you a before and after of one of our properties, we’re going to take a look at what I do to stock my house flipping inventory.

We talk about this sort of thing a lot in the FlippingJunkie group on FaceBook. When we do, it’s typically asking what I look for when I’m staging a house, and what kind of finishes on hardware or appliances I look for. Of course, my flipping style is going to be different than yours, so the things that I look for may or may not work out in your properties. Hopefully, you’ll get some good ideas for your own house flipping inventory!

Alright, let’s get started!

Staging Material for Your House Flipping Inventory

house flipping inventory staging materials

First off, if you’ve been keeping up with our other articles, you already have an idea of what kind of staging I like to do in my properties.

Second thing: yes, I will be linking to all of the items I talk about. That way, if you like them too, you can get them for your own house flipping inventory! Like we’ve said before, the best thing to do to your rehabs is make them stand out in the area. If you’re using unique items in your properties then you’ll be adding your own flair to them (in staging, or otherwise).

Ok, so there are a lot of ways to go when it comes to staging. Of course, you need the big items like couches, tables, chairs, etc. However, lots of people tend to overlook the little items that make a house feel more like a home. I’m talking about the little things like:

  • Picture frames
  • Table ornaments
  • Plants (always fake so you can reuse them!)
  • Plates, cups, and silverware
  • Rugs and bathmats
  • Wall decor

Really, that list could go on forever, LOL. Here are some of the items that I picked up at IKEA to add to my house flipping inventory that really just brings a little something to each house I stage.

Rugs and Bathmats

every house flipping inventory needs bathmats

Alright, these aren’t specifically IKEA rugs and bathmats. In fact, you can probably find the exact same things at Walmart, Target, or BigLots. The reason I got them from IKEA was because 1) I was already there, and 2) they’re dirt cheap to buy in bulk.

If you’re like me, then you have more than one house on the market at the same time. So you can rely on one set of staging things to be out at a time. That, and, not every house is the same. If you only have one set of bathmats or rugs for staging, you might not always be able to use them. That’s why these are a more important item for your house flipping inventory than people would think.

The bathmats I got are the TOFTBO bathmats in green-blue and in grey. I got these colors because they match with the color schemes I typically do in my rehabs. Grey is a favorite of mine because it’s clean and neutral for buyers. This nice rich green-blue color is a great accent for rooms, especially bathrooms. These bathmats only cost $7.99 each, so they were a steal!

Plates and Tableware

you need bowls and plates for your house flipping inventory

Just like the bathmats, you want to have more than one table set in rotation around your staged properties. I found this great set called BULLRA that comes with plates, bowls, and bowl plates. The whole set only cost $39.99, so of course I added it to my house flipping inventory.

Before I bought these, I had a few all-white tableware sets at my properties. They did the job, and they looked great, but these had that splash of blue that I use as an accent when I’m staging. That’s really the thing that caught my eye when it came to this tableware set. I liked that there was a nice splash of blue and red. When I use this against the dark brown dining table I use for staging, it really highlights the table and makes it look like something people who would live in this house use.

Remember, when it comes to staging you want to make the house look like someone would live there. It’s so much more appealing for buyers when they can imagine themselves in a house, or where they would put their furniture.

Decor & Table Ornaments

adding plants to my house flipping inventory

Some simple wall decor and table ornaments can go a long way when you’re staging a house. Don’t overcrowd the counter and table tops in your properties, or the walls for that matter, but give it just enough to make the house feel alive.

We got a lot of little knick-knacks while we were at IKEA to fill my house flipping inventory. Here are the things we got to make my properties feel more like homes.

  • FEJKA $5.99 – little fake plants like this add a splash of green to brighten up the room. I don’t like the dark plastic thing they come in, so I also grabbed a few white wicker baskets to put them in.
  • DRUFLADER $5.99 – the baskets for the plants.
  • GODAFTON $9.99 – these little candles do a great job making a room feel warm and inviting. Plus, they’re electric! Reuse them over and over again in all your properties 🙂

What Hardware to Pick?

Just like the color schemes I go with, you probably already know that I prefer brushed nickel finishes on my hardware. New knobs and handles aren’t the only hardware to keep an eye out for.


shelves are part of my house flipping inventory

There’s a trend happening where people are using open shelving instead of closed hanging cabinets. I am a part of that trend. In the bathrooms and laundry rooms of a lot of my more recent properties, I’ve been replacing bulky cabinets with mush nicer open shelving.

In one house in particular, I used these nice dark open shelves in the master bath to replace the bulky builder-grade cabinets that used to be there. These shelves are called EKBY JARPEN / EKBY BJARNUM and only cost $24.99 (and are the perfect addition to your house flipping inventory).


which faucet to pick for my house flipping inventory

If you watched the video we made on our YouTube channel, you’ll see me looking at this one faucet called GLITTRAN ($119.00). It’s not a bad faucet, it’s unique and charming, but it’s not my style. Again, I like the brushed nickel look.

Actually, the faucets I’m using right now aren’t from IKEA at all. I know, I’m a big fat liar with this post haha. In the kitchen, I like using the taller arches faucets. Realistically it’s just easier for people to wash dishes with a taller faucet, and it looks much nicer to me. The one I’m using is called Glacier Bay from Home Depot ($98.00). It has the look I like, it’s tall, and a great price for my house flipping inventory!


As far as sinks go for the bathrooms, I like to use individual vanities. It looks so streamline, modern, and clean. Not to mention it matches my style. While I didn’t get the ones I use at IKEA, they have some that are very similar if you’re interested in using this look for your properties.

The ones at IKEA are called HEMNES / ODENSVIK for $249.00. They’re a little more expensive than the rest of the things on this list so far, but they’re nice and worth it if this is the look you’re going for.

Stock Up On Lighting for Your House Flipping Inventory!

Lighting is so, so, so, SO important for your house flipping inventory. Can lights are simple to install, cost nothing, and really brighten a room. But that’s not what we’re talking about right now. I’m talking about accent lights for your properties. The best part about buying your lights at IKEA is the price. Seriously, I know everyone talks about it, but things are just dirt cheap at IKEA. That’s probably why it’s my favorite place! 🙂


new pendant lights for my house flipping inventory

Pendant lights are great to put over breakfast bars or in smaller dining rooms that can’t fit a chandelier. The pendant lights I got are called HEKTAR ($24.99). I got them in black and white so that I could have a variety in my house flipping inventory.

I like these pendants because they’re clean and really look great in the kitchen and breakfast areas of a house. In fact, I used them in my How to Make an Open Floor Plan Rehab video, check it out to see those lights in action!

Track Lights

adding tack lights to my house flipping inventory

I grabbed two different types of track lights when I did this IKEA haul. They’re the same in style, the only difference is one has 3 lights on it and the other has 5. I really like these kinds of track lights to use in kitchens. They pivot on their track, so they can be set to light up different areas of the room that they’re in.

The reason I grabbed two different sizes for my house flipping inventory is because you never know what size the kitchens are going to be. You’d be amazed at some of the weird ratios I’ve seen. These little teeny tiny houses will have super long, hallway-like kitchens. And some really large houses have small square kitchens!

The lights I got are called HUSINGE. You can buy them with 3 track lights, or 5 track lights. The 3 track light one costs $19.99, and the 5 track light one costs $29.99. Seriously, you might as well have just walked right out of the store with these. It’s crazy how inexpensive they are!

Statement Chandeliers

get statement lights for your house flipping inventory

The builder grade chandeliers that come in most of the houses that we buy aren’t bad. I mean, they light the room. They’re just not great, and they don’t help to make our houses stand out. That’s why I look for statement chandeliers when I’m adding things to my house flipping inventory.

The chandelier I found is called IKEA PS 2014. I love this chandelier because it’s super unique, it’s interesting, it’s modern, and definitely stands out. It’s different, but not enough to scare buyers. I especially like how it opens and closes to control the amount of light and color shown. It’s great! And for only $49.99, it’s a no-brainer.

What’s In Your House Flipping Inventory?

These are the things that I get for my house flipping inventory. If you couldn’t tell, I love IKEA. This place is the best! Overall, I spent about $1300 on this haul alone. Let me tell you, it was worth it. All of the things I got can either be used over and over again in staging, or will get me more than my money back by installing it in my rehabs.

What do you have in your house flipping inventory? Let us know in the FlippingJunkie group on FaceBook! We love hearing and seeing what you do to your rehabs. Come network with other active real estate investors for more inspiration when you’re rehabbing! Join the group here.

-Melissa Johnson

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