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Personality/Self Assessment Tests for Real Estate Investors: KNOW THYSELF!

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In my latest podcast episode, (Episode 165: Divorce), I talked about some of the major learning that came from going through those shit storm experiences.  One of those was really looking at how I operate and finding out what work gives me energy and what work drains my energy.

You’ve likely heard of them…Personality tests, DISC assessments…
As a real estate investor are they helpful and worth the time to take them?

Absolutely! Below I share why they’re helpful, which tests I recommend, and my own results.  Read on!

Here’s why I like ’em:
  • They help us understand ourselves better
  • They help us to find the work that GIVES us energy rather than SAPS our energy – THIS IS HUGE!
  • They help us understand the people we work with and how they like to work and be interacted with
  • They help us hire the right people for the right seat
  • They help us to realize what drives us so that we can become more efficient and happy
  • It’s just so much damn fun to read about how we truly are!

The Assessments

The tests I’ve taken and what I like about them:

1. 16 Personalities – FREE – Classifies you by your current personality.  This test will tell you whether you’re more of an Analyst, Diplomat, Sentinel, or Explorer.  Each even have their own sub types.    I like this test because it gives you a snapshot of where you are right now and how you operate.  Personalities change over time and the test results are likely different when you take it again years later.  Unless you’re lame and don’t ever change = most of us 😉

2. DISC Assessment – FREE – This test focuses on Dominance, Influence, Conscientious, and Steadiness.  You are ranked on these four points and then given in-depth information on how these rankings show up in how you relate to the world and others.   This assessment is used by a lot of real estate investors to find employees for different roles.  For example, you’ll typically have a better salesman if they are a mid to high D.  You’ll likely have someone suited to getting tasks done methodically if you have a high C.

3. KOLBE A Index – $55 (totes worth it!) – I love this one.  The reason is that it delves into how we are naturally, intrinsically.  This means the results should be the same no matter what point in your life you take it.  It measure how you instinctively take action when you strive.  This test gives you insights into the kinds of work that give you energy and which drain your energy.

4. Sparketype Assessment – FREE – This assessment is one I recently discovered and have not heard any other people talk about.  The reason I like this test is it gives you a primary Sparketype (your strongest driving factor) and then a Shadow Sparketype (your second strongest driving factor).  You typically will like doing something related to your Shadow Sparketype BUT ONLY BECAUSE IT ALLOWS YOU TO DO MORE OF WHAT YOUR Sparketype is.  This is huge.  Find out more about what insights this gave me below where I show you my test results.

My Test Results

This is how my results turned out…so you know why I’m so crazy:
1. 16 Personalities – INTJ-A – The Architect – Read more about that here:

2. DISC – High C Mid D (Note: results from Oct 2016 – I need to take this again and see how it’s changed)
real estate investor DISC test
real estate investor DISC values results
3. Kolbe A Index: Quickstart Follow Through – I am in flow and in the zone when starting new things.  I also won’t feel ok with not finishing everything, even if it takes years!

real estate investor Kolbe
4. Sparketype: Maven – I love to learn for the sake of learning
Shadow Sparketype Maker – I love creating things and starting projects

This is where it’s really interesting!  Turns out I’m a quick start and like to start projects because it gives me the opportunity to learn and master new things!!  Not for the sake of liking to just start new things.  This is insightful to me because it helps me understand why I lose steam after a while with projects.  If I keep trying to gain knowledge during the project, I can stay in flow and do what gives me energy!!


How about you?

I’d love to hear about your test results and what you thought about how accurately they reflected you and how you are. Leave your results in the comments below or simply join the discussion in our Flipping Junkie Facebook Group post about this topic: Click here to go to the post in the Facebook group (if you are not a member of the group, simply request an invite and answer the short questions to get into the group!)


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