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195: The Question That Grows Your Business

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Danny Johnson shares the question that helped him break through the false beliefs that kept him from hiring people to help grow his flipping business.

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question that grows your real estate investing business

I winged it for too long.

When people wing it, there is the feeling that some things are slipping through the cracks and money is being left on the table.

Many times we have processes we follow but they’re not documented. Which might be fine if you plan on doing it all on your own forever. Why document them?

John Martinez says there’s a good way to check to see if you’re working too much in the business instead of on it.  If you’re chasing something new, a new strategy every month, you are likely winging it.  You want to be where you have a consistent deal funnel built so that you can grow instead of chasing shiny objects and getting distracted.

It’s all about mindset

When you can’t get out of a mindset that you have to grind and do everything yourself it’s because you’ve likely got some beliefs surrounding some issues.  

What is best way to shift this mindset as it’s so common?  

How did I shift it? 

I had to be shown what was possible and then believe it.  When I tried to, I came up within internal resistance.

Things like:

  • People will learn from me and then compete (whatever you are doing, it’s already free on YouTube).  
  • People won’t care as much as me. 
  • I don’t have time to find someone and train them.  
  • I don’t know how to train them.  
  • I’m worried I won’t be able to support them.
  • I’m scared of having more responsibilities
  • I’m afraid of growing my business because I equate that with having more to do and I’m already maxed out.  This was supposed to be for freedom.

Downside to not having help is greater than if you have someone doing great and then leaves. 

The quicker way to uncover these within yourself…as it could be different for you than for me…we’re all different.  

Ask the question:  “What are you avoiding?”

When do you start hiring?  You need consistent leads and deals coming in. What could be happening if you are finding it hard to get consistent leads is that you’re avoiding something that you may not be aware of.

Hiring before ready

Run your business like you have a team before you bring on a team.

Write out your processes.

Track KPIs: How do you get to a place where you can vacation for 2 months and know everything is going well.  You have to have access to the numbers that tell the story OBJECTIVELY.

Determine the marketing channel you are going to dominate and track it!

These are all the things we were focused on providing as we’ve been developing FlipPilot CRM over the last several years.

  • We saw the need to better track your leads, marketing, KPI’s, and ensure you’re doing follow up.  
  • We knew we needed a pipeline view to help keep track of our leads at a glance… so that no leads slip through the crack.
  • We knew it was important for a CRM to not require you to be an IT professional.  You want to be able to focus on real estate, and have your tools work for you. 
  • You need a one stop shop when it comes to communication. Being able to call, text, and email from within the CRM creates efficiency in your follow up processes. 
  • You need less ability to customize, and more of a done for us product.  This is in relation to trying to save a buck and just use Podio…only to end up frustrated and feeling confused and like you’re focused on the wrong things in your business.
  • You need  follow up sequences and drip campaigns that are not manual.   You need those run automatically in the background so that work is off your plate.
  • You need something that will integrate with your other software tools so that when a new lead comes in it will auto populate inside your CRM. 
  • You might be trying to make the switch from spreadsheets, pen, and pad to an online platform. It’s daunting making such a large change to your current system.  That’s why we created FlipPilot to be dead simple to setup and provide phone support.
  • You need a system that allows you to automatically create the tasks that need to be done at each stage of the deal.

You need FlipPilot.

Head over to to see what we’ve been cooking up.  

It’s time to stop winging it.  

It’s time to discover what’s keeping you held back by asking “What am I avoiding?”.  

It’s time to build the business you want that has happy employees and VA’s helping take the workload off your back. 

We’ve got a huge announcement regarding FlipPilot coming up this month.  I can’t wait to share it with you.  Thanks for listening to the podcast.  Go ahead and go to now to see what it looks like to see all of your leads at a glance.

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