Thinking about getting a real estate investor website?

Thinking About Getting A Real Estate Investor Website?

Danny Johnson / 30 comments

Have you been considering getting a real estate investor website so that you can start getting leads from motivated sellers? Don’t know where to start and where to go and how much you should pay and which one is best? Has this caused you to get an acute case of analysis paralysis and led you to not take action to get a site up and running?

Not Just A Late Night Infomercial

Sounds like a sales pitch. It’s not because what I am going to tell you about doesn’t cost anything (for the site at least – still have to pay for hosting, which is super cheap anyway). There are a lot of people that need to get a house buying website set up so that they can start generating leads and build credibility (which is a big part of having a website).

With the hosting you can also set up your own email address which looks much more professional than using a free email service. I mean look at the difference between and Which one looks better and more professional? (I don’t have either one of those email addresses so please don’t try to contact me there). 🙂 I have email addresses for my websites and have them all set up to get forwarded to my gmail account.

Ok. So, I’ve worked quite a bit over the last couple weeks setting up a professional website that you can download and use for free. A couple of video presentations were also made to show you how to set up your web hosting, get your site live and customize it so that it reads like you want it to read. The form on the pages for the site is set up to go to your email. So, when a motivated seller finds your site and fills out the form, the information will go straight to your email (whichever email address you want to use).

Enough Already, Show Me The Website

Enough formalities, why don’t you check out the free real estate investor website (<- click here) and see for yourself.

Even Bigger News

My son will be born Friday. That’s only two days away! I can’t wait. Melissa can’t either. 🙂

It seems like just yesterday that I was telling everyone that we were pregnant. Time is going by faster and faster every day.

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30 awesome responses to “Thinking About Getting A Real Estate Investor Website?”

  1. Obed lorisson on

    I’m a newbie and i really appreciate the resource you give us and the free website it’s awesome . i was wondering , if there’s not a way to connect the form from the website with the lead manager instead of sending an email each time a lead fill the form, the form will post the lead in the lead manager , from there we will be able to do everything in one place. this is just a suggestion.

  2. Robin G. Grimes on

    Wow Danny, You continue to amaze me. You show a true dedication to helping other investors and I want you to know how very much we appreciate everything. — Robin

  3. Brooks on

    Congrats on your son, what a Christmas present!
    I set this up on a url that I was just forwarding to another site – – If I can do it, anyone can, so Thanks Danny!
    PS – I had always been meaning to ask this. I’m assuming that if you have a keyword rich url that you are simply forwarding to another site, that you lose the SEO of that domain – do you know if that’s correct? Ex. webuyhousesmobile was forwarding to another domain, so if someone searched webuyhousesmobile, is it possible for any SEO to be associated with it? Might be a dumb question, but I ain’t scared! 😉

  4. Shane in TX on

    Danny, Merry Christmas!!! I know it’s early, but this website thing is my Christmas present from you, and you’ll get yours tomorrow at the hospital.

    Thanks for everything. I hope to have my website up and running tonight 🙂

  5. Litia Niumeitolu on

    Thank you very much Danny. Yes, I have been researching on finding someone do a Buyers and Sellers websites for me and in an affordable price. And you have helped me out. And you have helped me out in many ways in the past. So I want to thank you and wish you and Melissa, Blessings, Joy and Peace in the Holidays Season and Congratulations on having your son today. ‘Ofa atu (Love from my family to your family).

  6. Shane in TX on

    So…do we have a baby boy yet?

  7. Lupe Murillo on

    Congrads! on your new baby!!!!! Children bring with them so many blessings and fun memories!!

  8. Matt K on

    Hi Danny,

    I might have asked you this already, but is most of your web traffic for your house buying site coming from Adwords or from Organic search?


  9. Don on

    Got my first lead from my WebSite.
    Unfortunately, my real estate agent has quit and I have no way to get MLS listings. I have requested them from another agent and I am waiting.

    Home owner wants to sell 4 bedroom 2 bath 2,200 sq/ft house in good neighborhood. They are selling because they are relocating.
    Asking: $175,000
    Amount Owed: $103,000
    Repairs: none (he says)
    After Repaired Value: $160,000
    Max Offer: $104,000

    The tax site has a value of $245k. I get $66 per sq/ft from RealQuest as average – and the tax site says it is 2,500 sq/ft not the 2,200 the homeowner said. My $160k is a rough estimate – I need those MLS listings. The owner paid $206k in 2005.

    My offer, 65% of value, is almost what they owe. He said he was in No Hurry to sell, but entered $150,000 as the least he would take to sell fast.

    I hate my offer being what he owes. Looks like I just picked it because of what he owes.

    Also, I have no money and no investors lined up. I am working two houses now and have depleted my funds. I have $30k in an equity line but that does not come close.

    I have not called the lead because I want the MLS listing and I have no money. I hate waiting – you should call quickly. I figure I should get the deal first then worry about money.

    What would you do?

  10. Bilgefisher on


    Congrats on your son being born.


  11. Bilgefisher on

    Hope all is going well with your family addition in your new house. Looking forward to the next update.


  12. Marc-Andre on

    Hello Danny,

    Thank you for providing valuable information over the last three quarters. I have learned a great amount just by subscribing and following you every week. This website template that you have provided was great for me. I created mine WITHOUT ANY WEBSITE BUILDING EDUCATION! The code was easy to follow and to elaborate on. As Brooks said, if he could do it anyone can and I am the perfect example. I created Yes, I am the one that took it lol. I have been analyzing deals almost everyday and now will be using your lead manager. Thanks again!

    P.S. Check out the website and tell me what you think.


  13. Don on

    I have been waiting for you next update. I bet you are very busy with your son.

    I have finally closed on my second house (with the intent to flip). I now have one in the rehab phase and one waiting (and 13 rentals). The first house should be finished in two weeks. I am happy with that crew and do not think it is worth the hassle of finding another for the second house. Would you let one sit for a couple of weeks or try to find a new crew?

    I now have some bandit signs but I have not put any out yet. I have run out of cash, have no financing, and very limited contacts for birddogging.

    My website has been up for about a month. I am getting on page 1 of Google, but near the bottom. My problem is that I am only on page 1 when my city is in the search phrase. If they leave it out I am nowhere to be found.

    I have been updating my blog several times a week. I thought it would be simple to keep it updated but now I see how it can become very time consuming. I am starting to fall behind and may have to change my format and updating strategy as you have.

    Thanks for your help,

  14. JG3 on

    Is the free website still available. I’m on my phone and don’t see anything, but an empty page with a link to leadpropeller at the top.