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Real Estate Investor CRM

Top real estate investors know the majority of their deals are bought after follow up.

Danny created Forefront CRM to complete the second part of the software puzzle for house flippers and real estate investors.  Once you have leads, you need a way to make sure they never slip through the cracks.  Never leave money on the table again by converting more of your leads into deals.  Check out the best real estate investor CRM

Real estate investor software has never been as visual as Forefront CRM.  We decided to go against conventional approaches investors have typically used to keep track of their leads.  In the past, Podio was the go to for real estate investors but that has proven painful to use due to it’s being designed for general purpose use.  Forefront CRM is built by real estate investors (house flippers/wholesalers) for investors.

Fantastic product! We've been using Forefront CRM for months. Forefront is VERY intuitive and requires very little training (if any!). Everyone on our team was able to pick it up immediately and we've never looked back. Unlike most products that require a lengthy ramp-up process, the ability to quickly adapt to the Forefront methodology and to fully integrate your business is second to none! Forefront CRM is a leader in this space - moving out of the old list-style management of data into a much more user-friendly (and enjoyable) experience. Highly recommended!
Don Chamberlin, DDD Home Buyers
Conversion Optimized Real Estate Investor Websites

Motivated sellers are actively searching online for someone to buy their home. Contrast this with the typical shotgun approach of direct mail, where you mostly reach people who could not care less about the service you offer.

inbound vs outbound marketing

Danny created LeadPropeller because so many other real estate investors saw how much success he was having generating the majority of his leads and deals through his website.  Now you can short your success to online motivated seller lead generation!

With LeadPropeller you can get a professional website that:

  • has Search Engine Optimization baked in
  • is focused on Conversion (more visitors actually contact you to sell their house)
  • includes templates with all of the content you need
  • has an easy to use website editor so that you can customize it the way you want
  • includes text notifications to let you know when a motivated seller submits their info

Check out LeadPropeller and see why thousands of real estate investors have trusted us for their online presence.  Click the button below to see for yourself!

Finding deals is the life blood of a real estate investor. LeadPropeller has made it very easy to set up a GREAT looking website. I was attracting motivated sellers within days! This is exactly what my business needed!
Mike Simmons, Just Start Real Estate Podcast
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Flipping Houses Exposed: 34 Weeks in the Life of a Successful House Flipper

Danny wrote Flipping Houses Exposed because he saw a gap in the information provided in most books and on most blogs.

On one hand, people would share the fix up of a house but not how they found the house and analyzed it before they bought it.  On the other hand, people shared how to find house deals but didn’t share the day to day operations of how they were generating/processing leads and the actual deals that resulted from them.

Get a behind-the-scenes look at the day-to-day operations of successful house flippers. Most books only explain the how-to of flipping a house. This book is different. Experience 34 weeks covering every aspect of a house flipping business. See all the marketing, analysis of leads, offers made, the fix ups, and a breakdown of each deal done. You’re about to see what flipping houses is REALLY all about.

If you’re interested in seeing what the REAL day to day of an operating house flipping business really looks like, get this book!

Unlike anything I've ever read a really good way. Danny actually breaks down his own business, step-by-step every single week. - Definitely, definitely recommend it!
Brandon Turner,

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