Ugly House Contest Winners Revealed

Ugly House Contest Results

Danny Johnson / 7 comments

This last week we had a contest for the ugliest house (and craziest house) people could find while driving for dollars. We did not get any submissions for craziest house. I admit those can be hard to find with such short notice. So, instead of giving a prize for the ugliest and one for the craziest, we decided to give prizes for the top 3 ugliest houses.

A giant thank you to everybody that participated.

I hope that you all gained something from the experience. There are a lot of successful investors that follow this blog, but I also know that there are a lot of new investors that are wanting to make the transition to flipping houses. Hopefully this contest provoked a change in people that have found themselves just reading and reading and reading, but not taking action. You don’t have to be ready to sign a contract on an investment property, but you do need to start taking small steps toward achieving that goal.

Newton’s first law of motion states that a body at rest remains at rest and a body in motion will remain in motion (stripped down version here).

The point is that by starting to make small steps, you will be more likely to take more steps. Reading is great and highly recommended (especially this blog ;)), but more can be gained by having experiences. It also can be a lot more fun. Drive around and look at ugly houses. Spot rehabs in action and get out to look around and talk to the contractors. They are usually very happy to talk about their work. Talk with other investors that are actively flipping houses in your area.

Ok, enough of the pep talk. Let’s see some ugly houses.

So…without further ado the top 3 ugly house submissions are as follows:

First Place Goes To Annette

Her submission was for a house that has fermented for a very long time and is a prime candidate for an investor to write down whilst driving for dollars.

Here’s the beauty:

Second Place Goes To Keith

This first thing out of Melissa’s mouth when she saw this one was, “it’s very Amityville!”

Here’s the beast:

Third Place Goes To Jarred

This one is crispy and you know we like crispy. The outside of the house is not really too bad, but what is inside really is completely awful…which is also what we like. Your rehab on the property was pretty amazing. Those burn properties really are the best for before and afters.

Here’s the bbq house:

I will mailing out your interview sets shortly. Thanks again to everybody that participated and to everybody for visiting the blog.

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7 awesome responses to “Ugly House Contest Results”

  1. Keith on

    Hey thanks… It is very Amityville horrish, and the funny thing is I am from Long Island, have visted the real Amityville Horror house, and my last name is Lutz!

    I must admit though, Annettes home definetly wins hands down!

  2. Shane in TX on

    Man, i should have entered. I drove by a couple houses and thought to myself…nah…these aren’t NEARLY as ugly as others that will be sent in. GREAT #1 house, by the way 🙂

    There’s a river community near us where there are lots of random homes of ALL types built on stilts. should have sent some of those too 🙂

    too little too late I reckon.

    Fun contest 🙂 happy flipping

  3. Bailey on

    Holy moly! But seriously, can Annette’s submission even be rehabbed? I mean, is the ROI worth trying?

  4. Bailey on

    Yeah, I was thinking maybe it has good bones. But wasn’t sure. yay, gut feeling. 🙂 Wow and cool/congrats! That’s a homer all day long.