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Hello and welcome to  My name is Danny Johnson and I started this blog to provide helpful information on how to flip houses.  If you are anything like me, you truly are addicted to this fascinating business.  Even after so many years of buying and selling houses, I still devour any information on new techniques and stories about flipping.

I would like for this to be a place for people to share their ideas and success with others.  Also, I welcome questions and comments and look forward to getting to know more investors, whether you are a beginner or are experienced.  Let me know which topics interest you.


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  • mike

    You’re info is great Danny! Keep up the good work. only one question… why? Why spend hours of your time to maintain a beautiful (thesis) website such as this?

    What about folks that don’t have much start-up capital? They can’t buy a house for 40k. much less fix it up and pay two mortgages all the same. Do you do any SubTo deals? Got any info on that? That’s the no money down gravy train.

    • Danny Johnson

      The video explains why I do all of this. Mainly to share ideas and help each other grow our businesses. I used to not want to share anything with my “competition” but now I really don’t see it that way. There is an abundance of deals out there and I can gain a lot by sharing and receiving with other investors.

      Subject to is a great way to do deals with not much money (You should have some reserves. After all, you do not want to mess up the seller’s credit if you find yourself in a bind).

      I use private lenders to fund all of my deals. I rarely use my own cash to do deals. My lenders allow me to borrow for purchase and repairs because I buy so far below value.

  • Mathew

    Hi Danny,

    I’ll be reading through your blog, and can’t wait to hear how you flip houses. Thanks for sharing. Don’t worry, I’m new and I’m not in your area.


    • Danny Johnson


      Glad you can follow along.

      I’m not really worried about people in my area being competition as I subscribe to the philosophy that there are enough deal out there to go around and no single investor can get all of them. I’d mentioned before about someone being from San Antonio, but it was only a joke.


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